When we consider women's cycling, we often shine our focus on the uphill battling for gender equality. Equal pay, fair race conditions, appropriate support and opportunity are but a few of the areas that come under scrutiny when a sexism is discussed in our beloved sport.

Women's elite peloton forced to pull over for men's race to pass

However, Californian pro cyclist, Ayesha McGowan focuses her attention on the representation - or lack thereof - of female African-American riders in cycling. An engaging public speaker and proud ambassador of the Adventure Syndicate, Ayesha will be touring the UK to speak at a number of different public forums about her experiences of climbing the gender and race ladder in cycling and her journey to becoming "the first female African-American professional cyclist".


“If I’d seen another black person in cycling when I was a kid, maybe I would have been inspired to get into it sooner." - Ayesha McGowan

She has spent the last five years working her way up the ranks of the US racing scene, as well as tirelessly advocating for minorities in cycling, and encouraging more people to get out their bikes via projects like her ‘Do Better Together’ virtual ride series.

If you'd like to hear Ayesha speak, she'll be attending these following events in the UK...