Fashion students have designed a winning safety jacket for cyclists which features automatic indicators and danger alerts.

[related_articles]The London College of Fashion students created the safety jacket, available in three styles, as an entry to a competition run by Volvo designed to celebrate their new XC90 model.

The jacket, available in three styles, features auto-indication, auto-light which senses dark and light, and anti-collision features which can alert drivers and cyclists to dangers. There’s also a ‘Volvo group tracker’ which allows cyclists to communicate and track each other in groups.

The jacket was one of seven designs to be shortlisted in the competition, and one final winner will be selected later today.

Designs include a ‘Commuter’ jacket, a classic, tailored style with reflective panels, a ‘Competitive’ jacket that has reflective panels, waterproofing and aerodynamic properties, and a ‘Weekender’, with a more relaxed fit.

It is intended that some of the designs will be considered for production, so the jacket could well make its way to a High Street near you soon.

Volvo have been involved in several projects designed to reduce the number of road incidents involving cyclists, including handing out free Glow in the Dark paint in in London and Kent and unveiling a cyclist detection system.