Having your bike stolen is heartbreaking. Whether it was taken from your home, on the street or on the trails, it feels as if you've lost a part of you. But maybe of us are hobbyists, how about when your bike is your means of making a living?

The Twenty20 pro women's cycling team had nine of their race bikes stolen from a storage lock-up in Corte Madera. Their sponsors are offering $10,000 reward for the arrest, culprit and [hopefully] retrieval of the bikes.


The women's Twenty20 is a multiple Olympic medal-winning team which includes 12 professional athletes, one para-athlete and 15 junior athletes from across the nation.

Amongst the nine stolen were four time-trail bikes and five road bikes, totalling up to a whopping $60,000.

Riders of Twenty20 understandably sad and angry by these events, and hoping a safe return before their next set of races. This isn't the first time a professional athlete has had their bikes stolen either, Manon Carpenter's fleet was taken from her hometown last year, but social media helped raise the profile so large that the thieves ditched the bikes in a nearby hedge.