As if mountain biking wasn't gnarly and fast enough, there's always someone looking to take it one step further. That person is the manager of MS Racing, Markus Stöckl.
The speed hungry rider has been setting records for 20 years, and while this new speed doesn't beat his previous 210kph record - which was on snow - this new record is on dirt, and on a store bought bike: Mondraker Summum.

With a gravel slope of 45 degrees, Stöckl and his team headed out to Chile’s Atacama Desert for his record attempt. The run was a straight 1,200 metres from top to bottom with nothing between him and his specifically designed suit, Stöckl raced down on his unaltered downhill bike.

The ride lasted just 20 seconds when the Austrian rider hitting his max speed of 167.6kph around the halfway mark.


“It was so exhausting, even though the ride only lasted for 20 seconds. I just can’t express the feeling in words. Even if you know it is only going to be 10 or 15 kph quicker than the last training run – standing up on the summit of the mountain, looking down and feeling the adrenaline was a very moving moment!" - Markus Stöckl
The full documentary will be available on Red Bull TV from April 20th 2017, but you can watch the teaser video here.

Photos and video: Red Bull Content Pool