Watch the moment the reigning queen of downhill, Rachel Atherton, lost her winning streak as she went down in the Fort William woods (around the 11:30 mark) in the latest Atherton Diaries episode.

It’s an action-packed episode, but it all comes down to the climactic crash at Fort Bill which dislocated Rachel Atherton's shoulder and consequently put her out of the race.


“Rachel puts her dislocated shoulder back in on track with the help of an Aussie bystander." - Atherton Racing

As Rachel hits the wooded section of the Fort Bill world cup track, you see (via her GoPro footage) that she goes straight over the bars and lands rather awkwardly. Immediately you can see Rachel holding a very limp looking left arm and rushes to the nearest bystander to help pop it back in. Some cringe-worthy pulling, pushing and expletives later, Rachel's rolling down to the pits where her world cup reign ends.

Fortunately, nothing was broken and having suffered dislocations in the past, Rachel's cool composure is nothing short of professional. Team manager, Dan Brown, said we should see Rachel back in action at Leogang. You can watch the full episode below...