BikePark Wales is the mini-Whistler of South Wales. It's fun and fast with a great spiderweb network of trails and an even better atmosphere for riding. Since the park opened its doors in 2013, they've worked hard to grow the MTB mecca into something for every rider.

The park opened with 24 trail lines, a fully kitted bike store and repair shop, and a super café for that much-needed post ride cuppa. Since then at least one new trail line has been opened each year, and this year we see their latest creation, Popty Ping (the Welsh word for a microwave!).


Popty Ping has been graded as a blue plus at the bike park, but what does that mean exactly? Trail builder and director of BikePark Wales, Rowan Sorrell explains that a blue plus trail offers the same flow and gradient as you would expect from a regular blue grade, but features more jumps and drops to make you pop and ping!

The reason behind the introduction of this new grade was to cater for all ability riders and introduce something new for those of varying disciplines.

The POV video below shows the new Popty Ping trail in all its glory, and we just cannot wait to get down there and ride it.

For more information about BikePark Wales, and to arrange your South Wales trail adventure, head over to their website here.

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