Women are coming out in force, covering great distances, pushing boundaries and achieving greatness, all on two wheels.

10 Inspirational women in cycling

One such woman is Australian born, Dr Kate Leeming who has already cycled the equivalent of the world, twice.

This cycling adventurer has accomplished challenging feats such as: 22,000km across the African continent - 25,000km around Austrailia - 13,4000km of the Trans-Siberian Cycle Expedition.

fatbike snow

Her most recent challenge is a pre-cursor to an even bigger one. Kate has cycled 400km North - south of Liverpool Land, Greenland, on a custom built fat bike. She's battled snow storms and gales, and the biting cold to cover the distance over a 3 week course.

However, this is just training for an Antarctic expedition via south pole: "Breaking the Cycle South Pole" which will take place November/December/January 2016-2017. Dr Kate Leeming, together with her fat bike, will attempt to cycle across Antarctica.

Watch the trailer video below for Kate's upcoming feature: "Breaking the Cycle: Greenland"

Get ready to feel inspired by Kate Leeming's fantastic achievement, and her journey through the planet's coldest places.

To follow Kate's story and preparation for Antarctica, check out her website.

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