The most famous family in mountain biking are launching a new vlog series on YouTube that will show you a softer side to the focus and determination that we see on race day.

The Atherton Diaries will be a fortnightly video blog series that follow the lives of Rachel, Gee and Dan as they ride, train and build their way to success. Introducing fellow Trek Factory team-mates, the series is set to give more insight into what it takes to being a World Champion.


The newest released starts with our Queen of the Mountain, Rachel, trail riding her way through the stunning forest of Dyfi in Wales. A more casual and fun riding style to the aggressive race performance we're accustomed to seeing. Followed in tandem by her older brothers Gee and Dan who rough and -literally-tumble their way down the loose loamy trail.

Below you'll find a sneak peak of what's to come for the Atherton Diary series. To follow their adventures, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel here.