Jetting off for a mountain biking holiday in the mountains? Are the French Alps calling? Our Ultimate Mountain Biking Holiday Checklist will ensure you are packed and prepared for your mountain bike adventure holiday.

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Whether you are going on an organised MTB holiday to a French chalet, a women's only cycling holiday, or doing a D.I.Y trip, making sure you have everything you need helps keep the experience stress-free.

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Holidays are a means to escape the hustle and bustle of your every day like, have fun and experience new things, the last thing you want is to be stressed out because you've forgotten something vital. We love to make a list so that we don't forget anything, and here's our guide to help you along your way.

TWC's Ultimate Mountain Biking Holiday Checklist

holiday packing

Before you go:

- Book in a bike service, or carry one out for yourself to ensure everything is in great working order.

- Pre-book bike space on flight

Essential items and electronics:

- Passport

- EHIC Card

- Insurance

- Credit Card

- Cash

- Flight details / boarding card

- Mobile phone + charger

- Helmet camera + charger

- Laptop + charger

- Plug socket adaptors

Personal items:

- Wash kit

- Personal medication

- Painkillers

- Antihistamines

- Sunscreen

- Insect repellent

- First Aid Kit

- Energy bars/products

- Hydration tablets

- Chamois cream

Casual Clothing:

- A Hat

- Jumper/warm jacket

- Underwear

- Sleepwear

- Towel

- Swim kit

- Evening shoes/flip flops

Ride kit:

- Trail helmet / Full-face helmet

- Cycling glasses

- Goggles (and tear-offs)

- Padded liner shorts

- MTB Shorts (x2 or 3)

- Short/Long sleeved jersey (x2 or more)

- Waterproof Jacket

- Gillet

- Long sleeved base layer

- Socks

- Full finger gloves

- Buff

- Shoes (x2 pairs if possible)

- Waterproof socks

- Waterproof shorts

- Rucksack / Hydration pack

- Body armour: Knees / Elbows etc...

In your riding bag:

- Water bladder

- Multi-tool with a chain breaker

- Pump

- Shock pump

- Tyre boot (for repairing torn tyres)

- Tyre Levers

- Powerlinks for chain

- Small bike lock

- Duct tape

- Zip ties


- Brake pads (2 spare sets or more)

- Inner tubes (4+)

- Spare mech hanger/rear dropout

- Spare rear derailleur

- Milk for tubeless tyres

- Spare valve for tubeless tyres

- Chain

- Gear cables

- Whole brake-set

- Bolts

- Spare spokes

- Cleats for shoes (if applicable)

- Wheels

- Toolkit (Allen keys, chain splitter, x-head screwdriver, pedal spanner, spoke key, adjustable spanner, Torx key for brake disc rotors, crank extractor, cassette lockring tool, puncture repair kit, chain lube)

We think that just about covers it... oh yeah, have a great time and don't forget to pack your smile!