How to Avoid a Cold: Top Tips from XC Mtb Rider Lea Davison

Mountain biking in Aston Hill provides extremely fast riding in dry weather and a slippery chalk and root fest in the wet! Lots of racing goes on so check out Ride Aston Hill before setting out.

The XC loop, although relatively short at 6.5km, is enough of a challenge and has variety to make it well worth multiple loops. It’s a loop of two halves with the first an undulating but relatively gentle warm-up, but watch out for the ever-present roots in the wet. The second half tips downhill and follows the downhill red run.

It’s not super-steep, but on an XC bike, there’s plenty to keep you honest. You can the either continue all the way down or do a bit more climbing and enjoy a fun and swoopy new section. You’ve then got to climb back up, with one especially vicious ascent, but it’s all good for the legs.

There are five downhill runs, including the red, with the most infamous being the original black. It’s definitely the steepest but all share testing grades and roots. DH5 (4-2-3) was built in the summer of 2009 and was used for that year’s Southern Downhill Championships!

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