The Giant Liv Allure helmet is a nicely styled professional looking helmet that doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

I am a little sceptical about women’s specific helmets, as other than hair volume, I’m not aware of any anatomical reasons why men’s and women’s helmets would be different. I was however impressed when I received the Giant Liv Allure helmet as it was a really pleasing design and colour way.

Not pink or baby blue, but graphite grey, turquoise and white. It also had a nice feathered graphic which made it a little different without being too bold. I also appreciated the turquoise secondary mould which encased the edges; a nice colour contrast and a feature usually found on helmets at a higher price point than this.

The Giant Liv Allure has a Giant CINCH 5™ full-ring fit system to enable adjustment and stability of fit. An adjuster at the rear enables a tighter looser fit around the circumference of the head. The only other adjustment available is via the straps themselves which could be adjusted front and rear.


I found the fit of the helmet to be difficult (or my head was the wrong shape!). Although I should fit within their ‘One size’ approach, this helmet felt too small, not providing as much cover as I would have liked. The sizing is a little ambiguous as the packaging and website size guide differs (On the web it states 53-60cm, and the box states 50-57cm). I believe my head is around 56-57cm and this helmet and fit didn’t feel confidence inspiring for me.

Whilst wearing it, I got reasonable ventilation flow, from the 19 vents spaces around the helmet. The visor is also adjustable, and removable adding to different style options you may wish to adopt.

After a short time of wearing the Giant Liv Allure it felt uncomfortable for me, with pressure points developing on my forehead but again this is probably due to an incompatible fit/shape and should work better for different people.


The Giant Liv Allure has nice styling and features but is let down by poor fit and ambiguous sizing.


- Great colour and graphics.


- Fit and sizing not suitable for all.

Price: £39.99, available from Giant.