We've heard it time and time again, there's a lack of women's kit in mountain biking. Although times have changed and more female clothing is out there now, the new question is: Where can I find it?

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Though there are a range of female specific bike shops, it does seem like it's the online ones that are really proving the most successful. The most obvious example is online retailers Velovixen, who just proved they're on to a good thing with a massive investment from an outside organisation.

It was only a matter of time before a women's MTB shop popped up to support the growing industry - and it's finally here. Flow is a new online store has been launched to specifically sell women's MTB apparel, protection and accessories. Hurray!

They've already secured big brand names such as Sombrio, Ion, Race Face and Dakine showcasing their women's MTB range of apparel. There's a wide range of price bands available too, with shorts starting at around £40 and jerseys from £25 - going right up to some super swish gear for those willing to dig a little deeper into their wallets.

There are women's specific knee pads and women's specific backpacks in their too - the worth of which we explored here (it's all about the underboob/overboob debate).

For female mountain bikers, this is great news. A dedicated site that's aim is to pool all the best women's kit together so you don't have to trawl through filtered searches looking for a jersey.

To see what Flow has on offer, head over to their website here.