With more and more women hitting the trails and tearing it up, cycling brands are hopping on the bandwagon to do their part to nurture and promote this growing market.

Hope Tech has been going since the late 1980's, building a sterling reputation by producing some of the finest cycling components on the market.

In March, Hope Tech's brand manager, Rachael Walker announced the launch of Hope Tech Women's rides. Bi-monthly trail rides throughout the UK, encouraging women to try it out, make friends and demo some brilliantly spec'd bikes, in the finest Hope Tech bling.

hope tech women mtb

Hope Tech continue to promote women's riding with their release of "5am", a short video about two women who set off on an adventure.

With beautiful imagery, energetic and inspiring women, it's difficult to not feel motivated to go out and find your own adventure this summer.

Watch the full video below, or visit the Hope Tech website.