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Alhough the UK can’t boast a lot in the way of stage races, they are incredibly popular around the world and for good reason. They’re one hell of a challenge, requiring you to be fit enough to ride or race your bike for an entire week. Riding through spectacular landscapes that you’ve probably never witnessed before will take your mind off the fatigue however.

If you’re up for a challenge and want the ultimate goal to prepare for, stick one of these mountain bike stage races on your calendar...


Absa Cape Epic

Without doubt one of the biggest events on the mountain bike calendar, the Cape Epic is an eight day race through the stunning landscape around Cape Town.

The terrain is fantastically challenging and the conditions are hot; it’s incredibly dusty. You get value for money as well, with 800km of racing and over 15,000m of climbing over some of the most magnificent passes in South Africa.

15-22 March 2015


BC Bike Race

A stage race that places more emphasis on the quality of the trails than the distance of climbing – though with seven stages and 60km each day it’s not lightweight – and even includes timed gravity stages.

Traversing from Vancouver to Whistler, it’s one of riders who really appreciate their technical riding and don’t want to follow a training plan to prepare for it. Sounds fantastic, only problem is it’s so popular that it gets sold out so quickly so apply early to avoid this!

June 27- July 4th


La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

It may be ‘only’ three days of racing, but it’s widely reported by anyone who has taken part to be one of the toughest challenges on a mountain bike. In the three days you’ll ride 259km and climb over 6,300m, my legs hurt just reading those stats.

Racing from the Pacific west coast to the Caribbean east coast, the terrain is is tough with some of the least hospitable natural terrain to ride/carry/drag the bike over.

November the 6th-8th



The TransAlps is the oldest mountain bike stage race on the calendar and the event that proved racing for a week is popular with mountain bikers, as it went on to spawn many rivals for its crown.

It’s an eight day race across the Alps and as you might imagine there’s a fair amount of climbing, a sweat inducing 20,000m! That’s over twice the height of Everest. And it’s packed into 680km. Ouch. For endurance riders, this has to be the ultimate challenge.

July 19-25th


Crocodile Trophy 2013

The Crocodile Trophy, which has been running for 18 years, has to be one of the toughest of the stage races, and that’s without considering the chance of encountering an actual croc.

The race is run over nine stages, totalling 855km, with some days well over 147km in distance and with 2,700m of climbing. There’s also the extreme heat of the tropical North Queensland to contend with.

Dates TBC

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