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Fort William is known as the location for one of the best races on the MTB Downhill World Cup circuit. It's tough, technical and long. It also has an amazing atmosphere, with thousands of people turning up to watch and cheer the world's top mountain bikers.

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If you're planning on watching (and you can watch live online via Red Bull TV) or you're going to be there in person, then these are some of the top women to watch out for. They're fast, they're fit and they are phenomenal mountain bikers.

With competition hotting up between the current World Champion Rachel Atherton, and hot-on-her-heels rider Manon Carpenter, we're expecting battles of epic proportions.

It's going to be an all-action weekend!

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[part title="Rachel Atherton & Manon Carpenter"]

Rachel Atherton

Rachel Atherton portrait 2014

Rachel Atherton is the current World Champion and World Cup Champion, and totally dominated the 2013 race season. She was seemingly unbeatable, but her 2014 season got off to a bad start with illness badly affecting her in South Africa for the first round. She recovered by round 2 to take the win at Cairns. The home crowd at Fort William were rooting for her last year; can she win again at Fort William?

Nationality: Great Britain

World Cup Ranking: 1

Best results so far in 2014: 1st at World Cup Cairns, 2nd at World Cup Pietermaritzburg, 1st at BDS at Antur Stiniog in March

Best result at Fort William: 1st place in 2013

Team: GT Factory Racing

Find out more: Atherton Racing

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Manon Carpenter

Manon Carpenter Cairns muddy

The former Junior World Champion exploded into the Elite category in 2013, and was a familiar sight on the podium throughout the year. Hot on the heels of Rachel Atherton, she placed 3rd overall at the end of last year. She started the 2014 season with a long anticipated World Cup win at Pietermaritzburg, and has stated that winning at Fort William is one of her aims for the year. Expect some close racing!

Nationality: Great Britain

World Cup Ranking: 3

Best results in 2014: 1st at Pietermaritzburg, 2nd at Cairns, 2nd at BDS Antur Stiniog

Best result at Fort William: 2nd in 2013

Team: Madison Saracen Factory Team

Find out more: @ManonCarpenter

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[part title="Tahnee Seagrave & Katy Curd"]

Tahnee Seagrave

Tahnée Seagrave, Junior World Champion - the stripes suit her!Image copyright Laurence Crossman–Emms

After becoming Junior World Champion in Pietermaritzburg last year, this year sees Tahnee Seagrave racing in the Elite category. However, since the women’s field is small she’s actually been racing against the other women in this category for years. She’s made the top ten twice this year, can she do it again?

Nationality: Great Britain

World Cup ranking: 10

Best results of 2014: 7th at Pietermaritzburg, 8th at Cairns

Best result at Fort William: 11th in jo13

Team: FMD Racing

Find out more: @tahneeseagrave

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Katy Curd


Katy Curd raced downhill for a number of years before moving over to 4-Cross racing. She excelled at that, dominating the 2013 4-X Pro Tour and is currently ranked world number one. However, she’s decided to make a return to Downhill this year. She sat out the first two rounds in South Africa and Australia, so Fort William is her first World Cup race of the year.

Nationality: Great Britain

World Cup ranking: 178

Results so far in 2014: 2nd at BDS at Ae Forest, 7that BDS at Fort William, 10th at BDS at Antur Stiniog. However, she is currently the UCI #1 in 4-Cross

Best result at Fort William: 14th in 2009

Team: Rose Vaujany Gravity Team

Find out more: Katycurd.com

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[part title="Emmeline Ragot & Emilie Siegenthaler"]

Emmeline Ragot

Emmeline Ragot

This French rider was 2009 and 2011 World Champion, and that’s not to be sniffed at. Despite horrific conditions and two crashes, she still managed to place fourth at the World Cup in Australia this year, so expect her to be fighting for the win.

Nationality: French

World Cup ranking: 2

Best results in 2014: 4th in Cairns and 5th in Pietermaritzburg

Best result at Fort William: 1st in 2012

Team: Lapierre Gravity Republic

Find out more: Emmeline Ragot

Emilie Siegenthaler

Emilie Siegenthaler

The former Swiss National Champion has been racing for several years. Before taking up Downhill, Siegenthaler was a cross-country racer, and was Junior European XC Champion in 2004. With fitness playing an important part on the long track at Fort Bill, will her cross-country past stand her in good stead?

Nationality: Swiss

World Cup ranking: 6

Best results of 2014: 9th at Cairns (crashed Pietermaritzburg)

Best result at Fort William: 7th in 2013


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[part title="Myriam Nicole & Morgane Charre"]

Myriam Nicole

Myriam Nicole

French rider Myriam Nicole (AKA Pompon) is at home in wet, slippery conditions, as evidenced by her performance in the horrendous conditions at Cairns in Round 2. If the Scottish weather does what it’s threatening to do, she’ll be at an advantage.

Nationality: French

World Cup ranking: 4

Best results in 2014: 3rd at Cairns, 4th at Pietermaritzburgh

Best result at Fort William: 3rd in 2012

Team: Commencal

Find out more: Myriam Nicole at Red Bull Bike

Morgane Charre

Morgane Charre<br />PHOTO: <a href="http://alastairphoto.com/" target="_blank">© Alastair Johnstone</a>

The 2012 DH World Champion is one fast rider, but hasn't quite had the start to the 2014 that anyone would want, having narrowly missed a spot on the podium at Australia. Will the long and physical course at Fort William suit her better?

Nationality: French

World Cup ranking: 5

Best results so far in 2014: 6th at Cairns, 8th at Pietermaritzburg, 3rd at BDS Fort William, 1st at iXS German DH Cup, Winterberg

Best result at Fort William: 5th in 2013

Team: EVIL Vengeance Tour

Find out more: Morgane Charre on Dirt

[part title="Jill Kintner, Floriane Pugin & Tracy Hannah "]

Jill Kintner

Jill Kintner

Jill Kintner isn’t just a Champion downhill mountain biker (three times USA National Champ, no less) – oh no! She is also an Olympic medal winning BMXer. She’s regularly placed in the top 10 at Fort William; can she push her riding and win a spot on the podium this time, that’s the question. A 3rd place finish at Pietermaritzburg bodes well.

Nationality: USA

World Cup ranking: 7

Best results of 2014: 3rd at Pietermaritzburg, 12th at Cairns

Best result at Fort Wiliam: 6th in 2011

Team: Norco Bicycles

Find out more: Jillkintner.com

Floriane Pugin

Floriane Pugin

Floriane Pugin has some impressive titles; 2007 Junior World Champion, 2009 European Champion and 2nd overall in the 2011 season. She’s come close at Fort William before, placing 3rd twice in 2010 and 2011. It’s been quiet on the World Cup race front – what has Floriane got planned for Fort Bill?

Nationality: French

World Cup ranking: 8

Best results of 2014: none listed

Best result at Fort William: 3rd in 2010 and 2011


Find out more: Floriane Pugin on SCOTT Sports

Tracey Hannah

Tracey Hannah

Aussie racer Tracey Hannah has improved her performance place by place this season after fully recovering from an injury that affected her 2013 season. From 6 in South Africa down to 5 in Australia. She’s done well at Fort William before, taking a bronze when the World Champs were held there in 2007.

Nationality: Australia

World Cup ranking: 9

Best results of 2014: 6th at Pietermaritzburg, 5that Cairns

Best result at Fort William: 6th in 2012, bronze at the World Champs in 2007

Team: Hutchinson UR Team

Find out more: Traceyhannah.com

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