trek womans powerfly

Electric mountain bikes open up more of the countryside to more people - thanks to the helping hand of a motor. The extra power allows riders of all levels to enjoy the pleasure of a ride, with the ability to cut out some of the demands placed on them by gruelling ascents.

The motor is also a great aid in the case of deep mud and snow, providing the boost needed to power right out of it.

The Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

One of the downsides is the added weight of the motor and the batteries, making the electric bike slightly less manoeuvrable over obstacles. However, this can be weighed up against the added gains on the uphill and power getting out of sticky situations.

If you’re hungry for off-road exploration and new views, but can’t rely the power in your legs alone, this may be an option for you.

10 of the Best Step Through Electric Bikes

We’ve selected five of the most reputed electric mountain bikes to give you an idea of what’s out there, how much they'll cosr you, and if you think electric is the way to go.

Scott Aspect

Scott E-Aspect 710 2015 Bosch - £2,799

The tech and spec on electric mountain bikes is constantly evolving. This one from Scott features the latest Bosch Performance crank drive motor, so you can be sure it's fitted with the latest kit.

trek womans powerfly

Trek Woman's Powerfly+7 - £2,500

This bike has been designed with the woman rider in mind, making sure that the fit is right to suit a more feminine geometry.

coyote edge

Coyote Edge Electric Mountain Bike - £799.99

This bike is at the lower end of the market but still gets fantastic reviews. It incorporates a new Pedelec electric system to help you up those steep hills and to conquer ferocious winds when you hit the flat.


Haibike xDuro AllMtn RX 27.5 2015 Bosch - £4,399

For those with serious electric MTB aspirations, there is always the opportunity to spend more money on it. This Haibike is a popular choice for higher budgets.


Cube Reaction HPA Pro 29 Hardtail Bike - £1,099

This is the perfect combination of a dynamic 29er hardtail and an everyday sports tourer with the newest pedelec technology and discreet cable routing.

If your still not sure, read more about the pros and cons of an electric bike.

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