Review: SCOTT AMT Short Sleeve Jersey

The AMT jersey (short for All Mountain Tech) by SCOTT Sports, is designed to be a technical and versatile piece of kit, suitable for many purposes. This means that although it might be quite simple and light, the fabric and construction are designed for use in tough environments.

In practice this means you get a jersey that’s lightweight, made of a fine DRYOxcell and Chitosante material which wicks sweat and has antimicrobial properties that mean that it does indeed avoid ponging in the armpit area for several rides.

I’ve ridden this jersey in hot weather and found that it does wick sweat incredibly well.

One downside of the lightweight fabric is that it’s clingy and does show up any lumps and bumps. Personally, the comfort of the fabric in hot weather far outweighed the initial concerns concerns I had about this.

I’d say it does size up a tiny bit on the small side, so although the medium fit my curvy size 12 form, if you’d like a looser fit I’d recommend going up a size.

The fabric does darken when wet, which means it will show up water and sweat patches. The good news is it dries extremely quickly, so they won’t show up for long.

The neckline is quite high, which is great for me as a fair skinned red head, as it gives me extra protection from the sun when riding in the summer. The fabric itself it also designed to give some sun protection. The body length was good for me too, coming down to my hips, and it didn’t ride up under my rucksack while riding.

The hems are all welded rather than stitched to reduce the chances of chafing, and I didn’t feel any rubbing or discomfort when wearing the jersey. With only one side seam and no seams on the shoulders, it’s design has clearly been well thought out.

However, I did find the hem on the sleeves very tight with less stretch than the rest of the garment, which meant it dug into my upper arms. This was a shame as it rather let the otherwise great fit of the jersey down.

The jersey also looks great; two shades of blue are combined with a contrasting SCOTT logo, and the AMT jersey matches the AMT shorts if you like to co-ordinate your kit. There is a little pocket incorporated into the jersey on the hip, which is just right for a small, light MP3 player or a key, but not enough for a phone or camera. I’d also avoid putting anything heavy in here as the light fabric would pull down with the weight.


Apart from the tightness of the sleeves, I liked this jersey a lot. I’ve worn it a lot for trail and cross-country rides in warm weather, and it’s also gotten a lot of use as a gym top. It’s multi purpose, versatile and a good all-round performer, and I can see this being put to good use on a hot alpine holiday.


- Lightweight

- Wicks and breathes very well

- Minimal seams


- Tight sleeves

- Only one very small pocket

- Clingy fabric

Price: £69.99, available from Wheelies.

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Colour: Ocean Blue/Medium Blue (Pictured)

More information: SCOTT Sports

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