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As a Mountain Biker I wouldn’t normally go for a white top but I did really like the look of this jersey with the contrasting seams and the little arrows on the back it is really smart looking.

As a lightweight summer jersey it works really well, the Polaris Women's Sante Jersey's low back with the one pocket is great for storing a few energy gels and it also has a secret zipped pocket in the back which is super handy for money or a phone. The front zip is really neat with some nice detailing - a reflective bit on the bottom of the zip and a neat flap over the back and top of the zip which makes it really comfortable against the skin.

The collar also has a soft covering over the seam which again avoids any chafing on the neck. The elasticated hemline is not too tight but I did find myself pulling the back down every now and again. It has thumb loops which are strangely in the wrong place - being on the little finger side of the sleeve which means that if you did want to loop your thumbs through the sleeve ends up being twisted which compromises the comfort of the top.

Being made of polyester, the Polaris Women's Sante Jersey does start to smell rather quickly and its a definite wear once and wash top. It does also tend to attract dirt being so white so doesn’t stay clean and shiny looking for very long, however it does wash well.

My verdict - A good summer jersey

Pros - Styling and attention to detail

Cons - Gets smelly quickly, thumb loops in the wrong place!

Price: £27.99, (RRP £34.99) available from Go Outdoors.


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