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A lot has been happening in the women's mountain biking clothing scene recently in preparation for next year. We're seeing a lot of new brands come to the surface with a strong women's focus, some entirely for women, whilst many existing brands are extending their popular lines to cater more for female consumers.

To our surprise Alpine Stars have pulled back their women's line and won't be providing any women's clothing in 2015. Nor will Royal Racing, whilst on the other hand Sweet Protection have upped their game and are bringing out their first women's collection next year.

We're happy to see that there seem to be a lot more options out there for female mountain bikers. Instead of having just one jersey and one pair of baggies shorts to chose from, brands like Zimtstern are bringing out at least eight different types of jerseys in an array of colours and styles to suit everyone's individual taste.

The newest brands on the horizon to keep an eye out for are Local (just emerging in the UK) and Freedom Foxx. Although they are releasing small collections, they are bringing a whole new outlook to women's mountain biking clothing.

All in all, we're super excited for all the lines to hit the shops, but for now here is a selection of our favourite mountain biking jerseys, which you should expect to get your hands on from March time next year.

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