The fox head, globally recognised logo of Fox Head Inc. is one of the most ubiquitous images in mountain biking.

Based in sunny California in the US, Fox have built a global empire of robust, technical clothing with their gear being worn by mountain bikers around the world.

Fox first impressions 2013

The company was started in 1974 by Mr Geoff Fox - hence the name - and its origin was the world of motocross. If you mountain bike you'll also have come across Fox Racing Shox suspension. This is now a separate company, started by Geoff's brother Bob, but their histories are intertwined.

Fox is still a family run company, it's grown considerably since it's start and now distributes around the world, with a european office in Spain. They sponsor a number of top mountain bikers, including the UCI DH Junior World Champion Tahnee Seagrave.

They produce a huge range of mens kit, with a select few items in the women's range. Fear not, though, as their reputation for making well researched, robust kit is well founded.

We're hoping they grow their women's range in the future, but for now we have a stylish selection of technical kit for your to drool over. Enjoy!

[part title="Fox Tech Tee 'Pretty Dirty' 2013"]

Fox Tech Tee collage

If you want something to wear riding, don’t fancy a jersey but do want technical fabrics, then the Fox Tech tee might be worth checking out.

Fox produced a tech tee for women in 2012, and updated it for 2013 with noticeably lighter, finer fabric. We’re really hoping they keep it going for 2014.

The fabric has a good stretch and drapes well. A slightly lower than usual neckline is quite a complementary look, without revealing anything you might not want to. It’s also got a good length to it; 56cm at the front and 66cm at the back from the neckline to the waist.

The material is dri-release, so it’s designed to dry faster than cotton, feel soft and natural, and the Fresh Guard treatment should ward off armpit pongs. This is the idea, at any rate.

The motif across the front is eye catching and may be a bit marmite for some riders, as might the ‘silver’ colour which looks kind of greyish in real life. It’s also available in black with the slogan in teal, if you can find it

Price: $26.95 (most stockists appear to be in the US, though we’ve seen this tee in various local bike shops)

Sizes: S, M, L

Colour: Silver (pictured), Teal

More info: Fox Head

[part title="Fox Flux Lid Helmet 2013"]

Fox flux helmet 2013

Designed for keeping you protected while you rip up the singletrack, the Flux Lid is Fox’s premium women’s trail helmet.

Fox produce some stylish looking kit, and the Flux helmet is no exception. It’s in a matt black with subtle teal highlights, and you’ll spot a colour theme with the items we’ve got in to test as you read on. Featuring not only a detachable visor, it’s also got a detachable rear spoiler, which is a feature I’ve never encountered on a helmet before.

With an initial try-on the helmet felt really snug and a good fit; it’s got an ‘all mountain’ fit so there’s a lot of coverage down over the back of the head. There’re also loads of vents – 20, in fact – so we’re hoping for lots of airflow.

Another great element here is the wide size range; the three sizes will comfortably cover noggins from 52cm to 63cm.

Price: £69.99

Sizes: XS/S, S/M, L/XL

Colour: Matte Black

More info: Fox Head

[part title="Fox Digit Gloves 2013"]

Fox Digit Gloves 2013 collage

The Fox Digit gloves are another item from their premium trail range, and on first sight they look pretty damn cool. With a base colour of black and grey, teal highlights make them stand out and they are clearly constructed of myriad fabrics and technical elements.

There’s no padding on the palm, which is made of a faux-suede material, with contrasting teal silicone grip patches on the two first fingers of the hand to aid grip on the brake levers.

A mesh back is complemented by stretchy neoprene panels at the joints and knuckles, and around the cuff. Robust rubber pull-tabs keep the wrist closure secure, and there’s added rubber detailing on the back of the hand to add a little protection.

To keep things cool, the sides of the fingers are made of a light mesh, in a deep teal colour, which contrasts with the grey and black of the rest of the glove.

And of course there’s the all-important soft material on each thumb for wiping a drippy nose.

Price: £26

Sizes: S, M, L

Colour: Teal (pictured), Black

More info: Fox Head