Snow is falling (well, in some parts of the world, anyway) and Christmas is imminent, so it’s time to get those final presents ready for the big day!

For the mountain bikers out there we’ve pulled together a list of gift ideas to provide inspiration, and ensure Santa gets you something you need, want and love.

Click through, read, and enjoy!

MTB Christmas gift feature

[part title="1. Lezyne Shock Drive shock pump"]

Lezyne shock 2

An essential piece of kit for every mountain biker, shock pumps mean you can tweak the suspension on your beloved steed to suit your weight and the riding conditions. We suspect we may need to tweak ours for our post-Christmas dinner ride!

We’re a bit in love with this one from Lezyne after we saw it in action over the summer. Sleek, beautiful, lightweight and effective, it looks good and performs even better.

Price: RRP £34.99

More info: Lezyne

[part title="2. Beanies galore to keep your head warm in style"]

The post-ride beany is an integral part of any rider’s kit. It keeps your noggin warm while you’re eating your post ride cake, keeps your helmet hair concealed, and is also frankly a rather cool look. Pom poms optional.

Beanies gift guides for MTBs

a to b, left to right

a. Fox Clothing Spirit reversible women’s beanie

Price: £16.99

Colours: Black, Bordeaux

More info/available from: Fox Clothing, Evans Cycles

b. Royal Racing Peak beanie

Price: £14.99

Colour: Blue, Red

More info: Royal Racing

c. POC Bright Colour beanie

Price: £39.99

Colour: Coral Pink, Chromium Blue, Dubnium Blue, Neon Green, Nitrogen Red, Radon Blue

More info: POC Sports

d. Cube Beanie Bobble LTD

Price: £19.99

Colour: Blue/White

More info/Available from: Cube, J.E.James Cycles

[part title="3. T-Shirts and Hoodies for post-ride tea stops"]

Trail casual christmas gifts for mtbs

Slip into something comfortable (and less muddy) after your ride, and still display your love of all things MTB. Hearts made of bike chains, hoodies celebrating post ride tea and cake, and just damn cool.

a. Fox Breaker crew neck t-shirt

Price: £18.99

Colour: Black, Orange Flame

More info: Fox Head

b. Fox Breaker pullover

Price: £35

Colour: Bordeaux

More info: Fox Head

c. Trail42 Post-ride hoody

Price: £55

Colour: Black

More info: Trail42

d. Yeti Cycles Keota hoody

Price: £59.95

Colour: Grey

More info/Available from: Yeti Cycles, F-Riders

e. howies Strong t-shirt

Price: £25

Colour: Violet

More info: howies

[part title="4. Deck the Car (with lots of bike kit…)"]

Car bling christmas gift mtbs

Obviously, 2014 is going to involve lots of biking adventures, both near and far, so we’ve got some great gift ideas to help you transport your pride and joy with care.

a to b, left to right

a. Roof Scope

Ever had that cold fear when driving down the motorway, bikes on the roof, and something starts making a knocking sound? Is your precious cargo about to unclip and fall off in the fast lane? Not to mention judging clearance under low bridges.

Luckily, the Roof Scope provides peace of mind. The handy little mirror attaches to your bonnet, so you’ll be able to keep half an eye on what’s going on up there, while you focus on the road ahead.

Price: £19.99

More info: RoofScope

b. Thule Pro-Ride 591 Roof Rack

Never again will you need to spend ages putting the seats down, spreading blankets over the boot and washing muddy patches off your car’s upholstery.

A roof rack like this one from Thule means all you need to do is bung them up top, lock them in place and head off. It’s perfect for longer trips so you have more luggage space inside for those spare bike shorts, too!

Price: £94.99

More info/Available from: Thule, Halfords

c. Evoc Bike Bag

Brilliantly designed, these bags have separate compartments for your wheels, pedals, and padding and straps to keep your steed protected and secure while on long journeys overseas. We’ve used one of these on several long-haul flights, and our bikes have easily survived all baggage handlers thus far.

Price: £299

More info/Available from: Evoc, Silverfish UK

[part title="5. MTB Bike helmets "]

Helmets gift guides mtb

Whether you love flowing trails, crazy downhill courses, or setting off into the wild with just a GPS and your wits to guide you, you’ll want to protect your noggin while you ride.

These helmets give you the protection you’d expect but look particularly good while they do it.

a to b, left to right

a. POC Cortex Flow

Price: RRP £194, Available from £155

Colour: Bohrium Red, Iodine Green, Iron Orange, Lead Blue, Shiny Black, Shiny White

More info/Available from: POC Sports, Cycle Surgery

b. Giro Feather helmet

Price: RRP £69.99

Colour: Matte Black, Matte Dynasty Green, Matte White Galaxy, Matte Black Transparent/Sorrell Texture

More info: Giro

c. Bell Super helmet

Price: £99.99

Colours: Blue/Green Moto, Black, Red/Black, Taylor Reeve Titanium, Bright Green

More info/Available from: Bell, Evans Cycles

[part title="6. Shiny shiny bike gear"]

Bike gear christmas guide mtb

What Christmas gift list for mountain bikers would be complete without aselection of riding gear to drool over (and buy!)? We’ve selected the brightest, the loudest, and the most vibrant kit we could find to make you really stand out while on the trail. They’ll look great in your riding pictures and videos too.

a to b, left to right

a. Royal Racing Cruiser 2014 MTB shorts

Price: tbc

Colour: Blue, Black

More info: Royal Racing

b. Altura Women’s Spirit short-sleeved jersey

Price: RRP £29.99

Colour: Purple

More info/Available from: Altura, Bike Tart for Girls

c. Maloja Sajama long sleeve jersey

Price: £83.86

Colour: Garnet, Moonless

More info/Available from: Maloja UK, Rose Bikes

d. Scott Sports Vikos waterproof jacket

Price: £189.99

Colour: Green Flash, Black, Iron Grey

More info: Scott Sports