[related_articles]The former Olympic track champion, road racer and life long cycling advocate has teamed up with Halfords to offer six styles of pedal – two road options (both KEO cleat compatible), two SPD mountain bike options, an SPD and flat shoe compatible hybrid style and a pair of flat mountain bike pedals.

The pedals start from an approachable £22.99, with the most expensive option reaching only £34.99 – a good deal compared to some of the leading brands.

Of course, value for money is performance dependent, so we asked resident shredder Kimberly Anderson to test out the Boardman Performance Flat Pedals…

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There’s plenty of singletrack around, with some very nice loose gravely descents. Rain had been pretty sparse for the last couple of weeks and the trails had dried out, meaning they were fast rolling and very quick on the descents. I didn’t lose my footing once, even when I took the wrong line and was bobbing around all over the place. My feet were glued, happy and planted.

These pedals are made of aluminium and are covered in a matt black finish with a minimalist design. They’re pretty light for their price (£34.99) weighing in at 372g, which is good value for money.

Fitting was easy – the pedals themselves are fitted with an Allen key and once attached they spin freely. They’re not very tall, a great way to save weight – but they’re wide where it matters, with a hefty platform - wide enough even for my size 7s. I would have liked to have seen the platform a little bit more concave, however they are grippy – surprisingly so.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 15.33.38

The grip is provided by 16 small studs - 8 on each side, 4 long and 4 short to give a varied depth to adhere to your soles. These are replaceable and fitted with an Allen key – you simply feed them in from the underside of the pedal and they pop out on the other side. Being able to get the screws out means you can change them when they wear down, and they come with a couple of extra screws in the box.

My overall verdict? I like them. Having ridden about 40 miles on them, with only 8 grub screws, they are grippy enough for my quick descents and I was impressed to find them glued to my shoes when I was climbing - with no slippage.

Check out the Boardman Performance Flat Pedals for £34.99 here.

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