The UK is notorious for its rainy and windy weather conditions. Along with a cuppa tea, it's what we're famous for.

For some people, it's difficult to get their head around the fact that some of us just love to ride in all weather conditions. Wind, snow, hail and sunshine, there's very little that will keep us away from the mountains.


We've had harsh and relentless bouts of rain battering the UK recently, but we've still been out there, shredding the trails and getting our adrenaline fix. So if you've been putting off the saddle because of the weather, here are some of our favourite reasons to go for a wet ride...

Release the Inner Child


There's something about getting messy that we can't resist. Wet riding allows us to get absolutely filthy, and not get in trouble for it. The inner child comes out to play and will guide you through those muddy banks and deep puddles.

Mud, Glorious Mud

cyclocross muddy face

Mud. It's great for the skin, right? You can't ride off-road, and be a mountain lover without accepting everything that comes with it... even those MTB "freckles".

Cooling Rain


The one thing you can always count on with the rain is that you'll never over-heat. Cooling rain and muddy water keep you chilled as your power down that trail, working up a sweat.

Sweet Skidz

wet mud mtb

Slippery wet trails can help perfect those sweet stunts you've been working on. For the more reckless and experimental riders, you can get some fun sliding action done in the mud.

Splashy Puddles

mud puddle

Jumping in puddles was the highlight of a rainy day when we were kids, and nothing's changed now we're adults. Riding hard through the wet puddles is so much fun, we even directly aim for them!

The Calm After the Storm


After a long day on the bike in the rain and mud, there's nothing quite like getting home and hopping into a hot shower. Washing off the dirt has a therapeutic feel, during which time you can reflect on the awesome day of riding you've had.

Regardless of the weather, there's always fun to be had on the trails. How wet and cold you get is up to you, as there is plenty of waterproof and windproof kit out there to keep you warm and dry, even in these harsh British winters.

So rather than hide away, embrace the wet weather and let your inner child out.

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