Ruby Davison is an incredibly energetic, adventurous, try-anything-once nine-year-old, whose role models consist of none other than awesome mountain bike riders Manon Carpenter and Tanhee Seagrave.

Double Century on a Fat Bike: 9-Year-Old Prepares for Charity Challenge

This summer, Ruby is doing something pretty different to most nine-year-old girls: she’s riding 200 miles on a fat bike, to raise money for Dementia charities.

Now back at school after a summer holiday full of riding, she’s managed to accumulate well over 100 miles, and has until the end of October to reach her milestone double century.

This is Ruby’s second ‘Big Bike Challenge’ – her first was to complete 100 miles over the school holidays, at the age of eight.

This year, however, Ruby has added an extra string to her bow – she's using the challenge to get other children cycling, too.

When we spoke to Ruby in July, she told us: “It would be nice if there were other girls who liked riding as much as me. There is one boy in the year above me, we bump into him out riding sometimes… some of my friends ride their bikes in the park sometimes, but they don’t do mountain biking."

Children have been able to find out where Ruby will be via the Ruby's Big Bike Challenge Facebook page and join her for a ride, whilst also raising money for their own chosen charities.

It’s obviously working - because between all the youngsters involved they’ve totted up over 700 miles and raised £2,481.16 for 11 different charities. And the challenge is far from over.

We asked Ruby and her dad to pick out their five favourite moments from the challenge, so far…

ruby anna

Riding at BikePark Wales with Anna and Rowan - two of its directors. Ruby learned from Anna about how trail builder Rowan designed the trails to be ridden. She learned about 'pumping' the bike, and letting the bike flow by covering rather then grabbing the brakes.


Ruby has spent time learning skills with Tony Williams of Evolve MTB. She's been focusing on cornering, manuals, jumps and other skills on the Fat Bike.

ruby 3

Riding the fat bike means Ruby needs a strong core. She's been doing some strength training and core exercises with Liz at Revolution Sports Physio, with her sister Lily.


Ruby had the chance to ride with James Bevis, a Paraolympian who won Bronze at the 2012 Olympics in shooting. She learned about his bike which is a custom built MTB so he can ride with one arm.


The Big Haldon Fun Day was a chance for a lot of the kids to meet up, along with their parents, and ride together whilst also learning skills from Tony at Evolve MTB.

Everyone got to try some samples from Chimpanzee energy products, too - which kept the rabble well fed!

There's plenty left on the agenda, of course. Over the next couple of months, Ruby is planning to organise a trail dog riding day - as two of the girls taking part are raising money for the RSPCA.

Ruby's dad, Chris also tells us that he and Ruby are planning another big group ride, led by a very special guest rider... we'll be staying tuned!