10 Best Winter MTB Gloves Collage

When the temperature drops, one of the first places you feel it is your fingers. A good pair of winter mountain biking gloves can mean the difference between a pleasant ride or having fingers so cold you’re not even sure they are still attached to your hands.

Since most winter mountain biking will involve water, either falling from above or splashing up from below as you speed through muddy puddles, waterproof cycling gloves or water resistant gloves are a key feature to look out for. Insulation and wind-proof membranes will keep your hands warm on the downhill sections, but can make some gloves pretty bulky which can make changing gear and braking a little more tricky.

This selection of winter MTB gloves combine the best in insulation, windproofing and waterproofing which means you can laugh in the face of the elements! (However, you should probably also consider a waterproof jacket, waterproof shorts and a warm cycling base layer to keep the rest of you warm and dry.)

Here are 10 of the very best winter mountain biking gloves out there.

Madison Avalanche Glove

Providing insulation and warmth without being overly baggy is the holy grail of winter MTB gloves, and the Avalanche Gloves by Madison are well on their way. Cosy microfleece lining keeps things snug, with windproof and water-resistant membranes in a layered construction keep the weather at bay. The padding on the palm is a great touch, as is the silicone grip dots on the fingers which should help you keep hold of your brakes in even the muddiest of conditions. Finally, we really like the adjustable cuff which means you can those eliminate those pesky cold drafts.

Price: RRP £29.99

Size: XS, S, M, L

More info: Madison

Sealskinz Dragon Eye Glove

Considerably less bulky than the majority of waterproof and insulated gloves out there, the stretchy material on the back of the Sealskinz Dragon Eye glove means you’ve got plenty of movement and control for shifting gears, braking, and generally messing around in the wet when riding. This close fitting glove also has touch-screen compatible fingers, so you won’t need to expose your digits to the cold to log your strava segment or send that all important tweet.

Price: RRP £38

Size: S, M, L, XL

More info: Sealskinz

Endura Women's Strike Glove palm

A waterproof glove designed for the mountain biker who doesn’t let a little thing like low temperatures and rain showers get in the way of a day on the trails. The waterproof membrane has sealed internal seams to keep the wet out, and the tough windblock fabric won’t just keep out breezes, it should withstand the branches, rocks and brambles you’re likely to encounter too.

Price: RRP £29.99

Size: XS, S, M, L

More info: Endura

Pearl Izumi Cyclone Glove

When it’s cold outside, but not too wet, then reach for the Pearl Izumi Cyclone Gel gloves. As the name suggests, they’ve got excellent padding on the palm for comfort, and the ELITE softshell material used on the back of the gloves is quality stuff, providing wind and water resistance. We aren’t sure about the white colour, which is surely not a good idea on MTB kit, but we do like it’s touch-screen compatible fingers, and the longer cuff which help keep things snug and cosy. The Cyclone gloves aren’t bulky either, which is good news if you want protection but still want to feel your handlebars.

Price: RRP £34.99

Size: XS, S, M, L

More info: Via Madison

Gore MTB Thermo Lady Gloves (1)

Gore are one of the best known brands when it comes to wind- and waterproof membranes, and with good reason. These new insulated windstopper gloves are no exception, providing warmth and protection.

They aren’t waterproof, so these are ones for cold days rather than cold and wet days. Long gauntlets with adjustable velcro fastening are a nice tough, and silicone grip patches on the palm and fingers help maintain control of the bike when the conditions get iffy. They are a pricier option, but with a reputation like Gore have, you know you are getting a great product.

Price: RRP £49.99

Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L

More info: Gore Bike Wear

Sealskinz Extra Cold Gloves

If you really feel the cold, then the Extra Cold Winter Cycle Glove from Sealskinz are the bad boys to go for. Plenty of insulation, coupled with wind- and waterproof membranes will keep off the harshest of winter conditions. A padded palm gives extra comfort when riding, and they are touch screen compatible. They do come up quite bulky though, worth bearing in mind if you like plenty of control on the handlebars.

Price: RRP £50

Size: S, M, L, XL

More info: Sealskinz

Available from: Wiggle

Polaris Torrent Gloves

With a tough outer layer, a waterproof membrane in the mid-layer, and a soft brushed fabric internal layer, they Torrent mtb gloves from Polaris shoudl keep your digits toasty in the winter months. They’ve got a lot of the boxes checked; silicone grips on the palm and fingers, gel inserts to increase ride comfort, and an adjustable cuff to keep the fit nice and snug. They’re also available in any colour (so long as it’s black).

Price: RRP £34.99

Size: S, M, L, XL

More info: Polaris Bike Wear

Liv Hearty Glove

The female-focussed sister company to Giant Bicycles, Liv have a great array of women’s products and the Hearty gloves are no exception. These lightweight winter gloves are made with ThermTextura fabric which, when combined with the snug elasticated cuff, keep the cold out and the warmth in. Touch screen compatible, the Hearty gloves also have padded patches on the palms, and handy silicone gel patches on the fingers in a fetching contrasting purple. These aren’t waterproof however, so are best used on cold, dry days.

Price: RRP £24.99

Size: S, M, L

More info: Liv

Fox Antifreeze Glove

Riding in the depths of winter? Warmth is all about the layering, and the Antifreeze Gloves from Fox incorporate that into the design. These unisex gloves feature a removable internal warm layer with a waterproof membrane and a long, elasticated and snug fitting gauntlet. Then, pull on the neoprene outer layer for warmth and insulation. The palm of the outer is made from high quality Pittards leather, so it’s super durable and will stay grippy on your handlebars even when wet.

Not quite cold enough for these bad boys yet? Check out the new Sidewinder Polar gloves, which provide a bit more insulation than regular gloves, but aren’t as full on as the Antifreeze.

Price: RRP £40.00

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

More info: Fox Head Ltd

Altura Progel Winter Glove

A versatile gloves that will perform well for a variety of uses, the Women’s Progel Waterproof Glove from Altura combines insulation and waterproofing with Altura’s highly regarded progel padding. These can be a little loose fitting, so try them on first if you can to get the right size. The upside of this is if you do suffer from very cold hands, you can pop on a liner glove underneath to boost the insulation properties of the glove.

Price: RRP £34.99

Size: S, M, L

More info: Altura

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