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Love mountain biking but prefer not to clip in? Whether it's the freedom to put a foot down around corners, or you like the security of being able to get off the pedals quickly, mountain bike flat pedals are a great option for a lot of MTBers.

We've scoured the internet to bring you a selection of the most popular MTB flat pedals, from entry level to high performance.

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And if you are looking for some shoes to go with your new pedals, check out our 8 of the Best MTB Shoes for Women. There's even more choice this year as both Specialized and FiveTen have released New Women's Specific Flat Pedal MTB Shoes for 2015.

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[part title="Hope F20 Flat MTB Pedals"]

Hope F20 wome's mtb flat pedals

Hope F20 Flat MTB Pedals

British brand Hope are one of the big names when it comes to mountain bike components. They aren't the biggest company but they have an excellent reputation for quality, and that's clear to see in the Hope F20 flat pedals.

Weighing only 390g a pair, these feel light when you pick them up and come with a selection of pins which easily screw into the pedal, giving you excellent grip on the most technical of descents. We love the colours too!

Price: RRP £120

More info: Hope

[part title="Straitline DeFacto MTB Flat Pedals"]

Straitline DeFacto MTB Flat pedals

Straitline DeFacto MTB Flat Pedals

These lightweight aluminium pedals from Canadian brand Straitline can take a beating, and are designed to be easy to repair.

Available in an array of colours, they come with 14 hexagonal pins per pedal face, which gives plenty of grip and a large platform area gives you plenty of pedal to grip onto.

Price: RRP

More Info: Straitline Components

[part title="DMR V8 Magnesium MTB Flat Pedals"]

DMR V8 Magnesium mtb flat pedals

DMR V8 Magnesium MTB Flat Pedals

DMR V8 pedals are a great option for entry level mountain bikers. They are one of the least expensive mountain bike flat pedals out there, and are relatively lightweight for the cost, coming in a 428g per pair.

Another British brand, DMR do produce quality products. These magnesium pedals have 12 pins per pedal face, which will help you grip on tight around the trails, and comes in 3 different colour options.

Price: RRP £34.99

More Info: DMR Bikes

[part title="Specialized Bennies Platform MTB Flat Pedals"]

Specialized Bennies Flat pedal mtb

Specialized Bennies Platform MTB Flat Pedals

An affordably priced pair of mountain biking flat pedal shoes from Specialized, the global cycling giant. These have a lightweight aluminium body with a sealed cartridge containing the bearings which means protection from the elements and a longer working life.

The 24 replaceable pins per pedal (12 on each pedal face) combined with concave pedal faces will give excellent grip on technical terrain.

Price: RRP £60

More Info: Specialized

Shimano Saint mx80 pedals

Shimano Saint PD-MX80 MTB Flat Pedals

Dedicated to downhill, these pedals have a look about them that clearly means business. The Saint flat pedals from Shimano were designed with gravity in mind, and are one of the few flat pedals from a company whose products are ubiquitous on the roads and trails of the UK.

These come with the usual concave pedal face and replaceable pins, but now you can alter the height of the pins to suit your riding style and shoes using spacers.

Price: RRP £59.99

More Info: Shimano

[part title="Race Face Atlas MTB Flat Pedals"]

Race Face Atlas flat pedals

Race Face Atlas MTB Flat Pedals

A lightweight and versatile pedal that is perfect for trail riding, but also secure enough to keep you stuck on when tackling technical descents.

The pedal platform itself is low profile and thin, but plenty strong enough to take a beating, and hexagonal pins will give you plenty of grip. Made of aluminium with a wide platform, it will give you plenty of secure area to stand on when pedaling or riding. The bearings cartridge is sealed to protect it from the elements, and there's an access port to pop in more grease to the bearings when needed.

Price: RRP £139.95

More Info: Race Face

Crank Brothers 5050 2 flat pedal

Crank Brothers 5050 2 MTB Flat Pedal

The 5050 pedals from Crank Brothers look a lot different from offerings from other brands. Designed for downhill and freeride mountain biking, they come with 10mm pins that are height adjustable, so you can fine tune your grip.

Made of aluminium and a composite material, they also come with a 5 year warranty - great news if you are hard on your pedals!

Price: RRP £66.99

More Info: Crank Brothers

[part title="Wellgo B144 MTB Flat Pedal"]

Wellgo b144 mtb flat pedals

At just 378g weight, these aluminium pedals are surprisingly lightweight and sturdy for the price. With 10 pins per pedal face, there's a good amount of grip on them, and the wide spaces will collect mud and crud less easily than other pedals out there.

Price: RRP £49.99

More Info: Wellgo

[part title="DMR Vault Brendogs MBT Flat Pedals"]

DMR Vault Brendog Pedals

DMR Vault Brendogs MBT Flat Pedals

If you love going downhill, and you want a pedal that has a big surface area to brace your foot against, and plenty of pins to keep you secure, then you should check out the Vault Brendogs by DMR Bikes. Named after the pro downhiller and freestyle rider Brendan Fairclough, aka Brendog, these are pedals for big terrain.

The pins are large and long, and do keep you firmly in place on technical terrain. The sheer size of the pedal face means that even if you misplace your aim slightly, you'll still have plenty of pedal beneath your shoe. A great option if you are heading off to the mountains!

Price: RRP £109.99

More info: DMR Bikes

[part title="Nukeproof Neutron MTB Flat Pedals"]

Nukeproof Neutron Flat Pedals

Nukeproof Neutron MTB Flat Pedals

Industrial styling, industrial strength grip and platform size. The Nukeproof Neutron pedals come in three levels of quality, with the same geometry and pin options in each.

The entry level model is aluminium and a very reasonable RRP of £54.99. Go up, and you get Alloy/Titanium options, up to Magnesium/Titanium options. The top end product is very lightweight, coming in at only 294g, and very, very strong.

There are 10 pins per pedal face, and they are all replaceable, in case you have any run-ins with rocks.

Price: RRP from £54.99 for the entry level model up to £184.99

More Info: Nukeproof

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