We know that nearly all mountain bikers are partial to a rad bit of gear, so we've pulled together some of the greatest spots at Eurobike 2015 to please you muddy-bummed-riders...


These new flat pedals from DMR will retail for just £17.99. They're light, and they don't look like they could destroy your calfs in one fell swoop. Perfect for beginners.


This is Liv's most aggressive mountain bike, and it's brand new for 2016. We've got more information about this rad new ride here.


Juliana Bikes were looking proud on the stands, we'll be chatting to the team later to bring you all the updates on the range.


IXS made it easy to find women's clothing with their toilet-room-door logo, and we liked what we found.


The body armour was displayed on a man and a woman mannequin - always good to see how the product works with a woman's shape.


Not a fan of tan lines? The new gloves from Cube let UV rays IN - which means (with sun cream) you can be brown all over.


Tons of brands had neon pedals on display - well, pedals have got to match that new Enduro flavoured paint job..


Cube have a new GPS - with a great party trick. This little handlebar buddy tells you the gradient of your current terrain. Not that you always want to know you're currently climbing a 30% grade at the time...


Brand new for 2016, this Enduro flavoured helmet provides plenty of ventilation, via 18 large vents - but also has a moveable visor to make room for goggles, and a GoPro mount.


Cube have been busy!

The new Access hardtail comes in two wheel sizes -27.5" on the smaller frames, and 29" in larger sizes. That's not new in the market, but new for them and they make some pretty awesome bikes.

The full suspension Sting 140 has also got a new friend, in the Sting 120 - an extra choice so you can fine tune your ride.