Wearable tech for cycling has shaken up the way we ride, giving cyclists a more personalised experience on the bike. With the gadgets serving hundreds of different purposes for riders, most devices fall into the fitness and cycling accessories market.

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Having improved a lot of existing products in the market, wearable tech is also great for capturing data, making things just that little bit easier for cyclists. The fitness side of the movement has allowed riders to see their improvements with every ride and has created a surge of online fitness communities.

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Giving you so much more control over your riding, wearable tech is incredibly fun, that's if you've got the funds...


Leaders in the navigation market, Garmin is a very familiar name in the world of cycling. Having brought out numerous fitness trackers and computers ideal for cyclists, the Vicoactive smartwatch is a great little gadget.

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The lightweight, 8mm smartwatch features a GPS enabled bike activity tracker (as well as a running and swimming sports app) which records your time, distance, speed and calories burned.

Connecting to your smartphone's bluetooth, the Vioactive also allows you to keep in the loop with your calls and texts whilst out and, about without your phone.

Using a sunlight readable touch colour screen to display its data, the Vioactive is waterproof up to 50 meters and has a 10 hour battery life when used in GPS mode.

Price: £119.99 - £129.99, available from John Lewis.


The Flyfit concept sees athletes wearing tracking bands around their ankle instead of on their arm, giving a much more accurate reading for cyclists. The discreet, stylish looking band hides a small tracking unit which tracks real-time data as you cycle, recording your distance, cadence, bike speed and calories.

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The motion-sensing technology connects straight to your smartphone through wireless syncing and comes with a waterproof connector, allowing it to function even in the pouring rain.

Price: £114.00, available from ShopStarter.


The Recon Jet glasses may be a little too pricey, but the classy features of the cycling gadget definitely make up for it. Built with a powerful microcomputer, its full-colour widescreen high-resolution display is rather impressive.

The polarized sunglasses present real time information to you as you cycle, monitoring your speed, cadence, distance, duration, ascent, descent and heart rate.

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With built in Wi-Fi and a nifty HD camera, you will be able to take stunning pictures and videos like never seen before from your bike. The device connects to the apps you love using everyday, as well as working with your smartphone to alert you of your calls and texts whilst you pedal away on the bike.

Price: £470.00, available from Recon.


Bicycle helmets don't get much cooler than this, with Hovding causing a storm in the cycling industry after its initial inception. Their improved 2.0 model is basically an air bag for cyclists, and allegedly provides the best shock absorption in the world, replacing the traditional helmet.

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Consisting of a comfortable, ergonomically designed collar that sits around your neck, an airbag (which covers more of your head than a helmet) is immediately released as soon as an accident occurs.

Constructed from a black, waterproof, dirt-repellent fabric which doesn't get damaged when scraped on the ground, the Hovding is perfect for riders who are style conscious when wearing a helmet.

Price: £249.00, available from Hovding.


The Vegalite is a nifty bike light concealed as a fashion accessory, giving cyclists the chance to get creative with how visible they are on the roads. The stylish leather-embedded light uses strong neodymium magnets, allowing you to clip it to virtually anywhere you want.

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Looking a lot nicer than just attaching a standard bike light to your bag when cycling in the night, it's a great buy for people who struggle to remember to charge their bike lights before heading home (it happens to the best of us).

Available to purchase soon from Vega.