We all love to ride bikes and from time-to-time, we may take up a little side hobby as a form of cross-training, but cycling will always be our favourite. So when Olympic athletes, who are at the peak of their performance, are suddenly asked to swap sports with something entirely different, how do you think they'd get on?

The Olympic Channel has put together a series of short films called "Sports Swaps" which throws athletes out of their comfort zone and into a totally new field of sport for them. While they may be great in their primary field of sporting excellence, do their skills and fitness carry over?

BMX vs Equestrian: Elke Vanhoof and Daniel Bluman

Belgium BMX athlete, Elke Vanhoof is a European champion and finalist during the Rio games last year. She trades the bars for the reins as she swaps sports with the Columbian equestrian athlete, Daniel Bluman. With surprising results, find out how they both got on in the video below...

Athletics vs Track Cycling: Naomi Sedney and Elis Ligtlee

Two world-class Olympians swap sports in this video where two elite women swap track cycling and athletics. How fast can an Olympic sprinter cycle? How fast can an Olympic champion track cyclist run? You can watch the full short video here.