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Single this Valentine's Day? Don't despair. Valentine's Day is about showing that special someone just how much they mean to you. And if that person actually has two wheels rather than two legs, who cares?

We'd much rather be out pedalling down an empty canal-way with the breeze tickling our necks, rather than nursing a hangover and worrying how we're going to afford to eat for the rest of the month after splashing out on a five star hotel suite and a seven course meal to impress our latest fling.

Single ladies, take a vow with us not to do a Bridget Jones this Saturday, and instead embrace the freedom that comes with singledom to show your bike some love.

Here's a few ideas to get you into gear:


One event taking place in the capital this Valentine's weekend that certainly doesn't require you to desperately seek out a plus one, is The London Bike Show at the ExCel.

Sure to keep the keen cyclist enthused from opening until close, a whole host of events are set to take place between 12-15th February. Get your tickets here.

Regardless of whether your prefer mountain biking, road cycling, cyclocross or just enjoy leisurely weekend rides; you're guaranteed to find something to excite you across the 300 stands spread across the show venue.

Test ride the latest bikes, get yourself some new gear, or have a laugh at the cycling performance theatre.

And if you're heading to the show on the 12th as well as Valentine's Day itself, you might fancy getting yourself a ticket to the Total Women's Cycling Awards in association with VeloVixen!


Taking our bike in for a proper service is something we are always intending to do, but how often do we actually get round to doing it? Probably no where near as often as we should.

Most good bike shops and bike cafes will offer services with prices varying depending on how in depth a service you're after. The London Bicycle Tour Company offer two types of service: 'the best' where your bike is thoroughly cleaned, degreased, checked over for problems, the brakes are realigned and the tyres are pumped for £79.50, and 'the standard' which at £55 still gives your bike a thorough service and safety check just without the intense cleaning.

The UK's Best Bike Cafe's

The easiest way to find a bicycle service company near you is to either ask in your local bike shop, or Google 'bike service + the name of your town'.

Show your bike some love this Valentine's and book it in for a bit of pampering. Then once you're back home with your beautifully clean bike, you can begin pampering yourself.


Of course regular bike services can be expensive, so for a long term solution to dealing with daily wear and tear, enrolling on a bike maintenance course can be extremely cost effective.

Halfords Announces Commitment to Women's Cycling

If you have a group of girlfriends who all enjoy cycling, why not sign you all up for a bike maintenance course this Valentine's Day? These sorts of activities are always great fun to do with friends and are sure to teach you some skills that as a regular cyclist you'll no doubt have more opportunities to put into use than you'd probably hope for.

Take a look at Sky Ride's website for a full list of companies and organisations that offer bike maintenance courses. Some bike shops, such as Evans Cycles even offer special women's only courses and classes .


We've all got that one bike ride that we've been dreaming about completing for as long as we can remember but never quite seem to get round to doing it.

Make this weekend the time that it finally happens.

With all of the loved up couples spending the weekend cosying up at home with red wine and candles, the cycle paths are left free for the dedicated cyclists to push themselves that little bit harder.

Best Road Cycling Routes in Britain

Get up early Saturday morning, pack your panniers full of special Valentine's treats and hit the road - just you and your bicycle. Could it be any more perfect?

And when you head back into the office Monday morning and everyone asks how you spent the weekend, you'll be able to tell their smug coupley faces that you conquered that one ride that has been on your bucket list forever. That will shut them up.


The worst part of not having a partner on Valentine's Day, is that you don't have anyone to spoil you. So this year, why not spoil yourself? And your bike of course.

Head out to your local bike shop and pick up some treats for your bike. You might desperately need some new inner tubes, new lights or may be even a little paintwork seen to after one fall too many the other weekend.

We Love These

Once you've bought some treats to show your appreciation to your bike, head into town to get yourself some bits too. Or, if you'd rather stay away from the loved up crowds heading out on their lunch dates, order yourself a take-away and get shopping from the comfort of your couch. That was what online shopping was invented for after all, wasn't it?


If it's Valentine's Day, that means it's February which of course means the weather is absolutely miserable.

If your poor bike currently lives outside in the elements, use this weekend to finally come up with a solution for storing your bike out of the wind and rain.

Of course bikes are designed to be able to cope with the odd downpour but being continuously struck by the harsh elements certainly won't be doing it any good at all.

Check out our guide to storing your bike at home, or look into renting a garage or cellar space to get your bike off the streets without having to move it into your living room.

If you come up with any great alternative bike storage solutions yourself, tweet them to us @TtlWomenCycling