Urban cycle style catching our eye on a daily basis here in TWC. Being bike bonkers, we are always keen to know what urban cyclists are riding and why.

Tell us a bit about your bike?

"I'm riding a Coppi which had been knocking around in my family for a while. I've done a lot of work on it recently, the paint alone took me ages"

What’s the story behind you and this bike?

"I was looking for something that looked good and had a small frame. But it the vintage look of the bike which won me over"

How far do you cycle each day?

"Usually around 15km a day or wherever I need to get to that day. It's my only mode of transport and I never walk anywhere"

What do you love best about commuting by bike?

"It gives me enough time to think and clear my head in peace before heading to wherever I need to be"

What do you dislike most about commuting by bike?


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