Urban cycle style catching our eye on a daily basis here in TWC. Being bike bonkers, we are always keen to know what urban cyclists are riding and why.

Tell us a bit about your bike?

I'm riding a custom build Pretorius. I run a bicycle light business called Blaze, so I have to represent myself and my brand at all times on the bike.

What’s the story behind you and this bike?

The look of the bike was a big factor for me. I wanted something elegant that still had a strong build and this was perfect for me.

How far to you cycle each day?

I would say probably 10 miles. I'm always going to meetings around London on my bike.

What do you love best about commuting by bike?

The freedom we get.

What do you dislike most about commuting by bike?

Safety. I take my this bike with me everywhere, if I got to Starbucks the bike comes with me or I don't go.

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