Whether you're stuck for a new route, looking to get a bike sized, or haven't found out what the cause of the strange noise your bike is making is, you can leave the technology to do the job.

And if you're into your gadgets, check out our 6 gadgets to make your bike happy.

[part title="Bike Repair App"]


Getting your bike repaired can be a whole lot easier than you would think. Now with the help from this super intelligent app you can now become a fully self-sufficient cyclist- if you aren’t already.

With the Bike Repair App, you can quickly find the route of your bike-related problem, helped by the apps detailed photo guides and list of common problems (85 in fact) that are explained with clear step by step ‘how to repair it yourself' guides. You can also store your bike’s information in the app, pretty much like a doctors record, allowing it to remind you when it’s in need of some love, care and a repair.

And if you haven't got much time and would rather go into a bike repair shop, check out our 10 Bike Shops with a Difference, for some of the coolest spots to get your bike fixed.


We've heard someone explain this app is "Like Facebook, but for cyclists" and we couldn't agree more. Strava features that we love include tracking your rides through GPS, comparing your riding with your friends and checking out the competition from the cyclists you follow (giving you that extra bit of motivation).

The photo sharing option is a great feature, which lets you share images taken on route with your circle of friends who are also using the app. It provides you with useful stats including distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned and, allows you to set personal records to help you keep on top of your performance.

[part title="Size My Bike"]

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Getting your bike sized to your own personal requirements can be quite time consuming and often very pricey. Size My Bike saw the problem, now saving you both the time and effort of getting the tedious job done professionally. With both comfort and performance fittings included for road bikes, and Xcountry and All Mountain fittings for MTB’s, the app really helps you to get the maximum potential from your bike and the cyclist you are.

There’s nothing worse than getting sore from having the wrong handle bar or saddle height and sadly enough people still ride around with these essentials at the wrong fit.

[part title="Cyclemeter"]


Turning your smartphone into a “powerful fitness computer", the Cyclemeter allows you to access maps, graphs and create your own training plans, which can be recorded and reviewed each time. With heart rate, bike speed, weather and power sensors, nothing will go unrecorded during your ride.

You can compete against your previous workouts, which get presented in simple graphs and the app even speaks to you (if programmed), telling you how far ahead or behind you are of your competition. All in all, it's great for helping you keep on top of your game.

[part title="Bike Spike"]


With bike theft on a steady proliferation, this app purchase is essential in helping to protect your beloved ride. Bike Spike allows you to lock your bike with ‘geo-fence’ technolgoy and whether you’re looking to identify your stolen bike's wherabouts or simply check that it’s in the same place you left it in, you can leave all the hard work to this app.

The intelligent technology also has a collision detection system which enables you to share the exact location of an incident or accident you may encounter and share it immediately with your contacts for future reference.

If you’re a worried parent (and who isn’t these days) you can also be notified when your children ride out of their safe zone!

[part title="Runtastic Mountain Bike"]

runtastic iphone app

Whether you’re a leisure rider or a hard core mountain biker, Runtastic Mountain Bike is perfect for any type of MTB cyclist.

Transforming your phone into a track biking computer, the app features useful offline-maps, trail routes, GPS navigation and performance tracking (heart rate, duration, distance, calories, time, altitude) to maximise your cycling experience.

[part title="Runtastic Road Bike"]


Sharing similar features to its MTB sister app, the Runtastic Road Bike enables you to track heart rate, duration, distance, calories, time, altitude, elevation and route.

With a wide range of road routes throughout Europe (and many other countries) the app was made to ease the stress of planning bike tours and is perfect for people who are always on the lookout for new and challenging routes.

You can also save the maps to your smartphone, great for when there's no handy internet connection available!

[part title="CTS Crash Kit"]


CTS Crash Kit is an app you won't fully understand how great it is until you're in a rather sticky situation. Crashes unfortunately do happen but we love the fact that you can now easily record all the essential information (which some people often forget to do) after an accident has occurred.

From where and when the collision happened, to who was there and who was responsible, you can save and send all the important details quickly off to a solicitor, which could really help you out in the long run.

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