1. unicycle

Only a true master can ride a unicycle without looking like an idiot, but it would still be fun to give it a go right? Unicycling is actually a pretty serious sport.

The UUU (Union of UK Unicyclists) has been around since 2001 and should be your first port of call for finding your local unicyclist’s club or instructor. Once you’ve got to grips on one wheel, the UUU will even find you a local unicycle hockey team to join or you could upgrade to a municycle (one wheeled mountain bike).

2. continents

Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Europe are all pretty easy to go for a bike ride on. But Antarctica is somewhat harder, although not impossible. Maria Leijerstam became the first person to cycle 500 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole last year, starting a trend amongst adventurous cyclists.

Most of us won’t ever get the opportunity to complete such an expedition on two wheels, but if we could just get our bicycle over to Antarctica perhaps we could pedal a few metres through the snow…

3. death road bol

Top of every backpacker’s to-do list in Bolivia, is to mountain bike down Death Road. Presented as a relatively easy, slightly scary, but absolute must-do, organised group rides down Death Road are plentiful leaving from La Paz daily. In actual fact, it’s incredibly scary, extremely bumpy, really far and has the potential to be fatal. Yet it still has to be done - obviously.

4. Tour de France

We’ve all seen it on TV, many of us were even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it in the UK this year but watching the Tour de France actually in France has to be a completely different experience, surely?

Standing along the Champs-Elysees as hundreds of brightly coloured cycling vests whizz past you at a million miles an hour - now that’s something worth seeing.

5. teach to ride

As a kid you are totally reliant on your parents to take you anywhere you want to go - until you learn to ride a bike, that is. You never forget the person that taught you to ride and in doing so gave you that thrilling feeling of independence for the very first time.

Teach someone else to ride and they will never forget you either - they may even remember to thank you in their winner’s speech at the Tour de France 2035.

Water bike and freighter

Water bikes are a great way to keep fit if you live near water and they’re also incredibly fun too. Many lakeside resorts around the UK now hire out both seated and standing bikes, advertising them as the best way to guarantee an unspoilt view of the lake.

Granted, they are limited in their use for most of us but for a few hours fun with the family, what could be better? Plus, we love the novelty factor.

Image credit: Loren Sztajer, Flickr

7. country borders

Living on an island it always amazes us how easy it is to hop across country borders on mainland Europe so we figure it would be even more fun to pedal through passport control.

The most common and easily accessible countries to hop between by bike include France to Spain, Belgium to the Netherlands, and Germany to Austria.

8. 100 miles

We all love a good challenge here at TWC and cycling 100 miles in one day is definitely a challenge.

To give you an idea of just how tough this challenge would be, 100 miles is the distance between Birmingham and Blackpool, and between London and Swanage and would take around 11 hours to complete. We’ll leave this one for the summer when it no longer gets dark at 3pm.

9. Champs

Famed as a classic cycling strip thanks to the Tour de France, most cyclists will admit to having daydreamed about sprinting down the Champs-Elysees themselves at least once.

We may not all get to participate in the iconic race but there’s no reason why we can’t pedal our way down there at any other time of the year and pretend.

10. tandem

Again it makes the list for its novelty factor but cycling on a tandem can also be incredibly romantic.

There’s just something about one bike and two people that makes everyone smile, cyclists and passers-by alike.

11. island

Cycling the circumference of an entire island is hugely satisfying no matter how small the island actually is.

You could choose somewhere closer to home like the Isle of Man or set out on the trip of a lifetime to Easter Island. Remember your camera.

12. naked

Naked bike rides have become a bit of a thing in recent years and we have to admit there is something liberating about cycling around in the nuddy.

But we totally get that baring all for the admiring public as you pedal around the capital may not be for everyone, but we love the idea of finding a secluded spot, stripping off and going for a cheeky pedal for a 100 metres or so. Just like skinny dipping, but without the water.

Image credit: Revolution_Ferg, Flickr

13. old bike

There’s nothing sadder for a bike enthusiast to stumble upon an old, forgotten, rusty bike.

But equally there’s nothing more rewarding than being the one to bring that lonesome bike back to life and taking it for its first ride in years. Here’s a great guide for restoring a bike.

14. kit

Great cycling kit can be pricey, but it’s also a must have for serious cyclists.

Once you swap those old running leggings for some proper female cycling leggings with a built-in chamois pad, we promise you will never go back. Some things in life are worth splashing out on and cycling kit is certainly one of them.

Image credit: Florian Lungu, Flickr

15. tour

Touring by bicycle is our absolute favourite way to holiday. We get that not everyone is in the position to drop everything and spend a couple of years cycling around the world, but there are hundreds of fantastic one or two week cycling holidays to choose from too.

All you need to do is decide whether you want to join a group led tour, book onto a self-guided one or completely wing it with just a map and gut instinct to guide you.

16. velopark

The London VeloPark first opened to the public in March 2014 but was built as a London Olympic venue in 2012.

Now anyone can visit to have a go at cycling the indoor track around the velodrome, race on the road circuit, get to grips with the bumpy BMX track or test their skills on the mountain bike trails. Situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London, the VeloPark is a must visit for cycling enthusiasts in the capital.

17. night

What’s more romantic than going for a bike ride as the sun goes down? Perhaps riding together as the sun comes up? So how about cycling all throughout the night, starting just before sunset and finishing just after sunrise?

Pick your favourite city and just pedal around for hours on end watching how the city changes from dusk until dawn, how the people change, how the atmosphere changes and how the sky lights up.

18. climbs

Completing one of the toughest climbs in the world may not seem awfully appealing to everyone but the sense of achievement and pride that you feel once you’ve got to the top of that epic climb is guaranteed to make all of the pain and suffering worth it.

19. race

Whether you regularly cycle competitively or usually just pedal for fun, the thrill of racing across a finishing line never disappears no matter how many times you’ve done it.

If you’ve never competed in a race before, you absolutely have to give it a go. To find one local to you, check out the events calendar on British Cycling’s website.

20. warm showers

Couch surfing for cyclists, Warm Showers hosts provide free accommodation for touring cyclists in many countries around the world but primarily in the United States.

Next time you go on a cycling holiday, whether it’s for a week or a year, consider staying with a Warm Showers host to make new friends and ride with new people.

21. states

So many people have ‘road trip across the United States’ on their bucket list, we have cycle across the States on ours.

You don’t have to cycle between every single state to complete this one - that would take an immense amount of time - but if you cycle between two or three, that’s pretty impressive in our books.

22. pretty

Normally when we buy a new bike we choose one that is practical, perfect for our needs and reasonably priced even though it may not be the prettiest set of wheels on the market.

Most of us have that one bicycle that we have always dreamed of owning but have never quite been able to justify purchasing it. Make a vow that one day you will, you’ll buy it just because you love it.

23. date

Going on a bike ride with your partner or for a first date is a great way to guarantee some alone time and get to know them better.

Pick a park or forest where you won’t have hoards of traffic to deal with and can instead cycle side by side, and enjoy getting back to basics and learning something new about each other.

24. dream

We’ve all got that dream trip that we’re desperate to do but just haven’t got around to yet.

For me, it’s cycling from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea in Jordan. Set a date and make a pledge with yourself that it will happen. If you can afford to (and the dates are already available), book the flight now so then there’s no escaping it.

25. charity

Charity rides are in abundance. You can choose to participate in one with a designated cause or sign up to a general sportive that allows you to pick your own charity to fundraise for.

If you’re feeling organised, you could even arrange your own sponsored bike ride for a charity that is close to your heart.