Halloween is upon us once more. Pumpkins are being carved, fake cobwebs are being strung, and for cyclists all over the country bikes are being transformed into vehicles of pure terror.

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Of course, you don't have to make your Halloween costume cycling specific, but you've still got to get to the party, and if you're going by bike, you might as well include your-best-friend-with-two-wheels in the fun.

Our inspiration this year is coming from these 20 epic costumes compiled by icebike.org - they've put together a host of ghoulish but still cycling-friendly costume ideas so you can take to the streets and terrorise your neighbourhood (or just go for a ride). Our particular favourites are ET and the shark costumes but there is plenty here to stoke your imaginations.

Cycle Style: Halloween Special

You've still got time to source your materials before Saturday so unleash your arts and (witch) crafts skills and turn your bike into something a little out there!