[related_articles] Bikes provide us with a shed load of materials and the possibilities of what can be made with them are endless. We've just come across this beautiful laptop stand from Oopsmark and after taking a second look, we've noticed that it's been made using parts from an old bike!

Using recycled handlebars for the main design of the laptop stand, it also uses old inner tubes on the top to ensure that your laptop doesn't slide around.

It even features a swanky holder to keep your cables tangle-free.


Laptop stands are really useful things to have in the house or at the office, at TWC we're used to just using a stack of books or magazines to hold ours up!

They're ideal for giving you more of an upright sitting position at your desk and can help to prevent any strain on your back and neck. They also come in handy for when you're working from home on the sofa, lifting the laptop from your legs. This will also help to prevent the air vents from getting blocked!

Oh, and did we mention that this laptop stand has been handmade in Montreal and features vegetable tanned leather details? Those are the little extras that make the product more special and the price tag much more pricey.

Other nifty accessories made from recycled bike parts from Oopsmark include a handy u-lock holster and this fantastic wine rack for your bike! The perfect gift for one of your wine drinking, bike riding friends?

Bicycle Handle Bar Laptop Stand: £50.00, available from Oopsmark.