Little angry girl looks straight into your eyes

We female cyclists are a fairly large audience, now - but there's still a little bit of ignorance out there.

Men: How to take your girlfriend mountain biking and still have a sex life afterwards

Well meaning as they might be, here are just a few of the comments that sometimes make our blood boil...


What makes you think we don't fix his?

Of course, fixing a puncture isn't an innate skill for any sex - here's our easy to follow how-to.


Well, yea, we figured that from the "female specific" bit in the title, but tell us more about what this bike will do for us...

Is ‘Shrink it and Pink It’ outdated?

Kirsty_social nerves

"You'll have to wait at the top of every climb for me"

"I'm rubbish at descending"

"Sorry I'm so slow..."

Go for a ride with a group of women, and you very often hear self-depreciation before the off. Confidence is a huge part of performance, so if you're guilty of this one, drop the excuses, relax, and let yourself enjoy the ride! It WILL be more fun.

bike shop

A woman walks into a bike shop. Silence. Only it's not a joke.

All to often we hear stories about women being either ignored, or asked if they're buying something for a man-friend when they enter a cave of bikey delights.

Thankfully, that's changing with the new breed of female friendly bike shop - but it still happens!

for a girl2

Thanks to TWC reader Abbie for this one!

We direct anyone making this comment to #LikeAGirl. Simples.

#LikeAGirl: Why Feminism Has Nothing to do With Hating Men


Yes, we really do have a friend who was asked this when she hired a bike, with a double chainset, for a training camp. The concerned onlooker was worried she'd struggle without smaller gears.

Improve your Climbing: Top Tips from Pro Rider Tiffany Cromwell

She promptly dropped the offender on every climb. Mwhaha.

photo4 (1)

We hear this one bandied amongst the men at club rides all the time.

We know, going riding with you means you prefer to think if us as a-sexual, but actually we find hearing you talk about your partner like a prison guard makes us feel a bit like smashing that pie you're eating into your face...

Group riding dynamics and the "only-women syndrome"

calorie counting

Of course, this statement is entirely correct, if you are taking on fewer calories than you're burning, and trying to drop a few pounds.

However, many of us cycle for sport, to get around, or just because we love it, and don't particularly want to be advised on weight loss, thank you!


What are you saying!?

Cycling does tend to result in a slight waist and toned thighs, but not to the point you'll actually be bursting seams.

Check out "Will Cycling Make Your Thighs Bigger?" for more detail...

legs shaving

We've been de-fluffing since we were in our early teens, it's really not that difficult...

Beauty and the bike: Leg shaving for cyclists


This one is common in cyclocross racing, and road racing to an extent. There's a race for senior men, juniors, and one for "vets and women". Because of course women are handicapped by sex in exactly the way all men over 40 are handicapped by their age.

We're not actually sure who should be more offended, or what women over 40 are meant to do...


The whole "lucky saddle" cat cat call phase seems to have blown over, but we're still bubbling from the irritation...

Sexism on the Bike: A Reader's Experience


We get it, we're riding in front of you, and you're enjoying the view more than you would if we were a bloke. Don't vocalise it, ever.