kate spade

We think all bicycles are beautiful. However, the designer divas of the world of course need something a little bit special to fit in with their stunning catwalk worthy outfits.

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Over the past few years, various fashion designers have become captivated by the bicycle, leading them to create pristine machines that would be at home in any style conscious household.

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Here are nine of the most beautiful designer bicycles, and their matching designer price tags...


When high end Italian clothing designers, Missoni, teamed up with American department store, Target - good things happened in the form of this beautiful multi-coloured ride.

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The bike was part of similarly jazzy range, including mugs, notepads, curtains - you could quite literally match your home and lifestyle to your bicycle.

These were on sale for just $399 - we'll admit this is probably our favourite of the bunch, despite being the cheapest.

kate spade

Designer Kate Spade created this bike with New York bicycle designers Adeline Adeline Abici. It's a singlespeed in the classic apple green that signals Kate Spade distinction.

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The vintage look rack and front light are special customised features, and there's a marbled plastic bell plus classic Brooks saddle.

The bike comes in at $1,100, and there's a fantastic review of it here.


Hermès are most well known for their scarves and leatherwear, but they also have a small line of bicycles.

Starting at just over a jaw dropping $10,000, the range consists of the Le Flâneur and the Le Flâneur Sportif. The nautical two wheelers were designed in partnership with Time Sport, specialists in carbon fibre.

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Weighting just over 10kg, and featuring disc brakes plus 8 or 12 gears depending on the model, these bikes are made for riding. However, they feature elegant bull calf leather saddles and handlebars for that beautiful Hermes touch.

chanel bike

Released in 2008, Chanel made just 50 of these bikes, which retailed at $17,000.

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These beauties was designed to celebrate founder Coco Chanel's love of sport - in Paul Marland's book, L'Allure de Chanel, she is quoted to have said: "I invented sport suits for me. Not because other women were playing sports, but because I was playing them. In 1914, there weren't any dresses to play sport in."

gucci cruiser

This limited Gucci Guccissima Street Cruiser was designed in China Red to celebrate the 2008 Olympic games (in China). There's a delicate red and green stripe on the frame and the low cross beam will accommodate a skirt.

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Gucci also made a few more black Cruiser bikes, with chocolate covered Guccissima leather seats, handlebars, seat packs and panniers - retailing at a modest $6,365.

fendi bike

The Fendi Abici Amante Donna made it to the pages of Vogue magazine on release in 2009.

There are two versions available. The $5,900 'entry level' model, features Fendi's Selleria leather accessories, including key and bike chain covers, plus a leather gps navigation holder (really!!) and detachable Fendi case holder. The top of the range $9,500 option has removable fur panniers.

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Six bikes were sold during the Fendi launch event - four at the 'entry level' price, and two fully loaded options.

lacoste lab

The Lacoste Lab collection includes surfboards, boomeranges, moto-helmets, rugby balls, and this bike, developed in partnership with Look.

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Tennis champion René Lacoste was also a great inventor and designer, and this €2,500 machine takes inspiration from the pristine white of tennis kit which weaves its way through the brand's designs.

It's probably best you don't take it anywhere muddy...

ralph lauren

There have been two Ralph Lauren bikes.

The Ascari bicycles model pictured was created in collaboration with the makers of stunning hand built bicycles.

The hand brazed chassis uses high quality chromily tubing, and the copper and brass details on the frames, forks and stems are lovingly attached. Air pump and brake levers were hand built using brass, copper, exotic woods and leather.

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This one-off was delivered to Ralph Lauren by Ascari themselves. The brand also collaborated with Pashley cycles to design 50 limited edition bikes, to commemorate the Tweed Run in 2011. These were a snip at $2,200!

trussardi bike

Italian fashion house Trussardi designed their first bike around 30 years ago, but more recently they brought out this steel city version, with camouflage bag and mudguards that feature golden details.

A special paint was used to provide a leather look, and this beauty was a casual €1,900.

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