I’m a total kit snob and I don’t mind shelling out a bit of money on good cycling products.

People who know me, know I live in Rapha and I’m a big fan of winter cycling apparel mostly because you get more outfits and details to play with.


For me, it’s about details of fit, comfort and colour. I loathe matchy-matchy cycling outfits - which to me look at little bit like matching shoes and handbags: alright for some, just not my cup of tea.

When it comes to jersey fit, for me, high and tight is right. This rule applies to base-layers, jerseys, gilets and jackets. Right now I’m mixing the oatmeal colour base layer with the snug-fitting purple full-sleeve Souplesse jersey and my super light-weight Bordeaux Paris gilet (for the memories), often with my neon rain jacket stuffed in a pocket (for well, rain).


For bottoms, I’m a big fan of the Rapha shorts and winter tights, finished off with a bright oversock for visibility and a kick of colour. But, I only do neon in one place - top or socks or helmet, never two at the same time (too matchy and a little bit 2012) even if they’re different colours of neon.

Right now, I don’t think I can ride a bike without my Team America winter hat, backwards and slightly to the side. It keeps me warm under a helmet, I know very few people will be wearing it, and I like to think it has just the right amount of irony and pride about my personality. Go team.