There are many 'types' of cyclist out there - some like to get hot and sweaty, others like to get muddy on the trails - but some of us just want to get from A to B still looking fresh as a daisy. Ideally, ready to face to the day without a shower and hair wash.

If you fall into the third category, and are looking for inspiration to help you plan your commuting wardrobe - we've rounded up five of our favourite cycling celebs to help you plan your apparel.

Of course, here at TWC, we're not into worshipping at the alter of 'celebrity' - but we have to admit some of these famous women do rock their bike style with a certain je ne sais quoi...


Pink (aka Alecia Moore) is definitely no one hit wonder when it comes to riding her bike - and she doesn't just use two wheels for one purpose - we've seen her riding for sport, with her family, and out running errands. Just like us! She's no "stupid girl" (or insert other cheesy song pun).


Olivia Wilde

The American actress and producer was seen rolling this rad looking Dutch shopper in jeans and an understated jacket. Her bike reminds us a bit of the Electra Glam Punk - though perhaps a little less loud..


Kate Bosworth

Actress and model Kate was spotted making use of a Citibike in a spring ensemble. You might need to pair a black skirt with some 100 denier tights if attempting this look in the UK - but that orange is all over the high street right now!

Steal her Style: Kate Bosworth

Sienna Miller

As well as being an actress and model, Miller has her own fashion brand Twenty8Twelve, so she knows her style and we love the boho chic look she carries off so well on the bike.

Steal her Style: Sienna Miller

Catherine Baba

The elusive Catherine Baba is quite an icon. The Parisian Stylist knows how to rock heels on two wheels - and even turns up to fashion shows on her beloved bicycle.

Admittedly, you might need to tone down a few of her outfits if you're planning on cycling into work...

catherine baba1

We love how these celebrities prove that you really can ride in comfort and style, whatever your look. For more inspiration, check out these three unique commuter cycling looks - there's something for everyone!