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Saddle sores are every cyclist's worst nightmare. Even if you have the plushest saddle and the most padded bib tights, after seventy miles on the saddle you're more than likely going to be feeling some level of discomfort down below.

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Sometimes this irritation is unavoidable but chamois creams are one great way to relieve discomfort and soothe sores - here are seven of the best.


The antibacterial properties in this cream ensure that it won't cause irritation and it reduces friction and inflammation. Apply before setting off on a long ride to prevent chaffing all together and always carry with you to top up as and when needed.


It can be quite cold so try and apply it before you leave the house and warm it up in your hands first for a more comfortable application. If you're going on a short ride just applying it to your seat pad should be enough but for those longer rides and sportives it's a great idea to apply it directly onto the skin too.

natures kiss chafe ease
elite ozone chamois

If you're looking for something more than just a tub of cream, read about Christiana Guzman's design for chamois panties here.

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