Sarah's Scribbles have been taking over the internet of late, and we're absolutely in love with these witty cartoons that allow women to chuckle at the everyday struggles of being female.

Yes, women get paid less than men for doing the same jobs and sometimes we have to wrestle with sexism - but hey, let's not let it get us down.

There's mountains of OMG-I've-Totally-Been-There gold on the site, but we thought we'd round up some of our absolute favourites from this awesome cartoonist Sarah Andersen...

Clothing Troubles

Female cyclists know ALL about problems finding comfortable clothing - and we just had to laugh at this one!


Shopping Troubles

Oh, we've all been here. That amazingly effective, water resistant, breathable AND visible jacket? That'll just cost you ALL OF THE MONEY YOU HAVE, please...


Relationship Troubles

This one particularly made us giggle. Of course, cyclists of any gender are 'meant' to be all over shaved legs - because 1) aerodynamics, 2) massage 3) crash - but actually most of the time we're too busy riding our bikes to notice three-day-fuzz.


As in love with these cartoons as us? Check out the site, which now includes a shop with t-shirts and mugs!