Phyta Lotion claims to be specifically designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and ageing skin. But, like most beauty oil products, it has a strong sideline in intense moisturisation. So when I was given my bottle of lotion it proved excellent timing: firstly, I was about to jet off to the Alps for a week of skiing in cold weather. Secondly, I split my head open a few months ago, giving myself a Harry Potter style scar when I slipped on my bike, so I’m not intimately familiar with the world of oily scar-treatments.

[related_articles]Firstly, let’s talk about how the product did when I went skiing. I took it to Tignes: a high altitude resort in France. It was a warm week in the region, but temperatures still reached as low as minus 10 at the top of the mountain.

I have combination skin, so areas of my epidermis can deal with the cold. However, I do have some stubborn areas in odd places – around my belly button is probably the most strange point where I get flaky on occasion. So I diligently applied Phyta Lotion on that area throughout the week.

It definitely improved the moisture levels of my problem areas when applied, and I feel like the effect lasted longer than when I just use normal moisturising products. However, I wasn’t a massive fan of the smell. Phytalotion is made with rosehip extract and smells of lavender. Which I associate with old people. Even more so when you’re staying in a kitsch and dusty chalet in the Alps.

As for Phytalotion’s miracle, scar-reducing capabilities? Well, I’ve only been using the product for a couple of weeks but, to be honest, I remain unconvinced. I think the oil makes the skin on my new scar feel nicer for sure – it’s soft and tingles pleasantly (not like when the mountain cold made it tingle terribly). But, and maybe this is the fault of me being a cynic, I’m not inclined to believe it’s helping to improve the appearance of my scar at all. A medically trained friend of mine told me the compelling theory that just rubbing a scar helps to promote new cell growth, and thus products like Phyta Lotion and BioOil are effective because they encourage whoever has spent money on them to rub the area a lot.

In conclusion: if you use an oil product already and think it works for you, I’d really recommend Phyta Lotion as a less unwieldy form in which to apply it. It still has that slightly greasy texture on your skin after application, but having oil in a lotion form means it’s of a more manageable viscosity and could be applied more discreetly than a pure oil product.

Find out more about Phyta Lotion and Phyta Oil from their website. It's £9.99 for 60ml.