Bikes can be incredibly personal. It’s not just because you work hard, save the pennies and invest in an ‘object’ to make you happy, you put faith and reliance in your two-wheeled machine to take you on adventures and wheel you out of your comfort zone to areas you never knew you could go. They are truly wonderful things.


So what do we do when we gush over something so special to us? We share it. Social media has enabled us to share (often over-share) moments, memories and thoughts as a snapshot insight into our lives. We’ve launched a new ‘Bike in the Spotlight’ feature on TWC because we want to see the bicycle(s) that makes you happy and feel alive. To kick things off, staff writer, Jessica shared with us her Trek Silque and this week we have a selection of your entries...

There's nothing quite like a bicycle with miles and miles of memories stored up in its history. We can see why Ali has kept her bicycle for the past 24yrs, plenty of adventures and smiles that can't be replaced.

Fixed gear love for Pheobe's Veto bicycle that sees her through her daily commute and through mini town adventures.

Like so many of us, Lisa's Trek is an outlet after a hard day. Getting out and shredding the trails is the perfect way to blow away the cobwebs and clear your mind.

Carolyn Beeston Here's my in your face beauty. He's a Cube and his name is Rubix (obviously). Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him, sometimes I just admire him. I'm not worthy but I am getting better and hoping to do my first sportive this year age 50. #TWCBikeCheck


Want to share with us your special bike love and what it means to you? Share your photos with us by tagging them on social media with #TWCBikeCheck