There's nothing better than a tidy, happy home. But if you don't have the right type of outside space to store your bike in, it will usually end up invading too much of your own (and your annoyed house mates) personal space.

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Investing in bike-friendly furniture will let you say good bye to all the home bike storage hassle in your life, giving you a bit more space to live in.

These stylish and elegant pieces look great in the home. We warn you though, some of these don't come at a cheap price, and you know your bike will be itching for you to bring one home for them....


Chol1 is a practical furniture brand built around style, elegance, and city cycling. Each of the pieces come at a range of different price points, from around £30 for a small bike stand, right up to £280 for a stylish sofa with impressive bike storage at the back.

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The bike-friendly furniture is made from natural wood and can be finished with the lick of paint of your choice! The brand have even given the pieces a polyurethane finish, to ensure no scratches are made to your new table or beloved bike.


It's called the Shoes Books and a Bike Stand, so don't expect anything more than that. Constructed from fir, screws, steel and coconut fibre, the practical piece was made by Thomas Walde for Potfossil.

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This one really does let you show off your steed with pride in your home and features a handy clamp to hold the bike securely in place. It doesn't come cheap, retailing at around £830.00. We might just try making our own then...


The Commuter Bike Rack, conceived by Nihir Shah for Urbanspace Interiors, is a very unique design for urban cyclists. Its vertical position makes it the most ideal piece of bike-friendly furniture for small spaces.

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It's been designed to be put near the entrance of your front door, intending to be the space where you dump your bike, take off your jacket and put down your helmet.

The lime green steel surface is magnetic and comes with its own dry-erase markers, allowing cyclists to make their own memo wall!


The (Original) Bike Shelf is elegant bike storage at its best. Using a simple, clean design that doesn't take up much space on the wall, it will hold all your favourite books and of course, your precious bike.

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For a small shelf, it's quite expensive, coming it at around £200 each. Available in two different sizes, it comes in a either walnut or white oak with a danish oil finish.


The clever Bookbike storage system, designed by BYografia, can be anchored to the wall and integrated well into cramped spaces.

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You can put your precious bike on show, as well as your cycling gear, ornaments, picture frames and anything you fancy really. Oh and books, obviously.

The catch is that it's around £2,400, so we can only dream ehy? We think they need to have a good chat with the big bosses down at Ikea...