It's quite obvious that there needs to be a change in the way we use electricity. In a world where we rely on using it for just about everything, even if it's just to make a cup of tea, we need to find new ways to power the things we want and need.

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And there are a small number of smarty pants out there that have been trying to change this and have turned to pedal-powered devices for alternative sources of energy. These devices are not only eco-friendly but they're also great ways of keeping the public fit and healthy.

The list of things may seem a little odd, but they're a great way of showing just how powerful the bicycle really is!


It's a great feeling being able to tick things off our dreaded daily to-do list, and the Bike Washing Machine certainly helps us do the job.

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Allowing you to wash your clothes at the same time as you pedal, the device is a great option for cyclists that enjoy exercising inside on a stationary bike.

The movement of the pedal rotates the drum inside the washing machine, therefore the faster you pedal, the faster the laundry will get done!


The pedal-powered smoothie maker is a very simple but awesome concept. Stationary bikes are fitted with blenders that are able to rotate and blend the fruit with the movement of the pedal.

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Available to hire for events and parties, they enable people to jump on the saddle and produce their very own healthy drinks. And if you're feeling a bit creative, Instructables have their very own article on how to make your own pedal-powered smoothie machine!


Pedal powered cinemas are a very interesting experience. It's quite hard to realise that when you're sitting back, enjoying a film, munching on popcorn, that there are actual people pedaling away to power your evening.

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All the electricity is powered by people and nothing else. And to give you a rough idea, it would take around 20 adults to power an entire cinema for up to 1000 people! The cinemas are usually outdoors, providing a enjoyable evening with a great atmosphere, as long as the weather's on your side.


The Shweeb, a pedal-powered exhilarating monorail looks just like a ride you would see in a theme park...from the future.

The alternative method of transport allows users to move across places enjoying the landscape from a different perspective. It sees people suspended off the ground in plastic tubes using pedals to operate. Using half the energy you would use on a road bike, it allows users to travel at speeds of up to 45km an hour!

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With backing already in place from Google, there is currently only one that exists, which is in New Zealand. So if you happen to be in the area, please let us know how it rides!


The R2B2 is a multi-use foot powered kitchen appliance that works as a food processor and coffee grinder, whilst providing surface and storage for all your culinary bits and bobs.

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Using a large flywheel that operates from the movement of your foot, it generates 300 watts of power a minute. Although it saves energy, we can't help but question how often we use food processors and coffee grinders for it to be that beneficial in the home.


Yep, you read it right, a pedal-powered roller coaster. Situated in Japan's Washuzan Highland theme park, the Skycycle allows users to operate their own ride view a breathtaking view of the Shimotsui-Seto Bridge and the Seto Inland Sea’s surrounding islands.

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Users are suspended four stories off the ground in (some slighty dodgy looking) open side-by-side tandem pedal powered carts. The carts have even got some pretty pink baskets, for the 'ultimate' cycling experience.

The Skyride doesn't actually go very fast, around the same speed of the rides you'd find in a children's fairground, but the concept is pretty cool.