Frog bike accessories

Kids love Frog bikes for the bold colours, lightweight design and cool look and they love the range of fun (and safety-conscious) Frog bike accessories on offer too.

From those accessories that every child needs such as helmets and lights, to super cool bike decorations like the Handlebar Heroes products, Frog Bikes has thought of every accessory you or child could want. To keep your child safe on the roads and personalise their bike completely, check out these must-have accessories.

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Kiddimoto Helmets, £25

Frog Bikes stocks a range of eye-catching Kiddimoto helmets such as the Kiddimoto Cherry Helmet pictured above. We all know how difficult it can be to get a child to wear a helmet but with one of these cool designs, you'll be fighting to get them to take their helmet off rather than to put it on. All Kiddimoto helmets conform to both CE and EN standards and the adjustable bands and rear adjustment wheel make it easy to fit the helmet properly to your child's individual head shape and size. To see the full range of designs available click here.

High Visibility Vest, £7.50

Beginners running bike for toddlers, red painted tubular steel frame with 10" EVA tyres. Foam covered handlebars and a foot rest allowing children to put their feet up and when riding.  The Saddle height is adjustable from 29 to 33cm and the handlebar hei

Having seen their mum or dad riding to work in a high-vis vest, chances are your kid will want to wear one on their cycle to school too. Frog Bikes has designed this cute, child-specific vest to allow them to do just that. Suitable for children nine years and older, the High Visibility Vest has a velcro front strip making it quick and easy to take on and off and is available in two sizes.

Knog Strobe Light, £9-£11

Although unlikely that your child will be out cycling in the pitch black, in the middle of winter it's often dark enough to need a light on the cycle ride to and from school, so one of these Knog Strobe Lights is the perfect safety addition to your child's bike. Knogs are so simple to attach to the bike and are waterproof too so you don't have to worry about them being left out on the bike in the rain. Choose from eight different colours on offer to match your child's bike and they'll be all set for those winter evenings.

MET Elfo Zebra Helmet, £20-£22


Another helmet brand focused on creating fun designs to encourage kids to keep their helmet on even when their parents are out of sight, MET has a great variety of helmets on offer on Frog Bike's website. Pictured above is the MET Elfo Zebra helmet available in two sizes. It has been designed to offer extra protection to the most fragile areas of a child's head and has a fitted red LED rear light to increase visibility too.

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Handlebar Heroes, £9.95-£12

Handlebar Heroes, £9.95-£12

Who wouldn't want a Handlebar Hero to decorate the front of their bike? There's no real purpose to them apart from the fact that they look really cool. The one pictured is the Princess Flowerbell which even comes with weatherproof foam stickers so your kid can decorate it themselves for a truly personal touch.

EZ Trainer Stabiliser, £18.50


After your kid has mastered their Tadpole balance bike, the next step is to get them on a pedal bike with stabilisers. Frog recommends the EZ Trainer Stabiliser which can easily be fitted to the Frog 43 and Frog 48 first hybrid bikes. These stabilisers absorb bumps from the road and keep the rear wheel firmly on the ground even on uneven road surfaces so you're child feels safer whilst they are gaining confidence in their riding.

Kick-Stand, £7.50-£8.50

Kids are so easily excitable that when they become distracted by a cool looking tree to climb or a sweetshop in the distance they're all too likely to chuck their bike on the ground and run towards it, damaging the bike's paintwork in the process. A cheap and simple to fit kick-stand from Frog will enable them to jump off their bike and prop it up wherever they are in the same amount of time it would take them to chuck it on the ground.

Reflective Rucksack, £4

reflective rucksack

Not all kids will want to wear a high-vis jacket, so a Reflective Rucksack is a great compromise. One of these will ensure your child is visible on dark evenings and will also enable them to carry their own belongings so you don't have to. Pair this with a High Visibility Vest and opt for an orange Frog bike and you'll have the most visible kid ever.

Water Bottle and Cage, £9

water bottle and cage

Long family bike rides can be thirsty work and no one wants to be cycling uphill in the heat of the summer with a child lagging behind complaining that they're thirsty; so grab them one of these water bottles and attach a bottle cage to their bike so they can carry it themselves and you'll enjoy a more peaceful ride.

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