In case you've been living under a rock for the last month or so (or just riding your bike and avoiding high streets) we'll start by reminding you it's Mother's Day THIS Sunday.

If you're a mum who loves to ride, we've compiled a helpful cycling themed wish list for you to pass on to your family. We suggest adding the page to your favourites, or pin the perfect item on the fridge.

If you've got a mum who enjoys spending time on two wheels, this list should help you get some ideas on what to treat her with on Sunday 15...


Mums all over the world have been making lunches for their little darlings to take to school for many years - and they deserve a cool lunch box of their own.

Recipe: Carrot and Hummus Roll Ups

This Bicycle Riders Luncheon box is perfect vintage accompaniment for any mummy on the run - and it's also the perfect shape for a square sandwhich (cut into triangles, of course).

Cost: £4.95

Available from: Little House Shop

bicycle earings and necklace

Everyone loves something shiny sometimes, and if it's bike related, that's a bonus.

This hybrid bicycle necklace and earring set arrives in a presentation box. Stamped with a 925 silver hallmark, the set is silver plated and each bicycle measures 15 x 100.

Cost: £9.99

Available from: Cycling Gifts


If the words on this bag don't spell perfection, we don't know what does!

The Best Padded Cycling Underwear for Women

This individually screen printed tote is made from 100% cotton, and made with love too - Angelcakes Designs were inspired to create their great bike designs after living and working among the mountain bike trails of the Scottish Borders.

Cost: £10

Available from: Not on the Highstreet


For the mum who likes practical ideas AND recycling - this could well be the perfect gift.

5 Ways to Speed up Recovery from Cycling Injuries

Created using recycled chain links, this key hook will ensure no one in the house is running around looking for their keys two minutes before the bus leaves (provided they remember to use it!)

Cost: £12.50

Available from: Cycle Geezer

white_florala bike bell

Every mum should get to feel like the belle of the ball by bike and this floral design will make sure they're heard as well as seen.

20 of the Prettiest Bike Bells

This statement making Dutch style bell will fit most handlebars with a few simple screws, and there are more designs available - including some very fetching polka dot styles.

Cost: £15

Available from: Velo Vixen

Mountain Bike Repair

Mum knows EVERYTHING right?

Well - almost, but everybody is allowed some little gaps in knowledge and if you or your mums are in bike maintenance, a class might not go amiss.

Many local bike shops hold seminars, and Evans Cycles host Fix It courses, with women's only classes, in all of their stores, too.

Fix It classes cost £15, and cover cleaning, puncture repair, gear adjustment and safety checks. Not glamorous, but useful knowledge.

Goodordering saddle bag

Inspired by the good old pencil case that mums lovingly prepare for kids before every 'first day of term', this saddle/handlebar bag is a super useful piece of kit for a mum who gets around by bike.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Make My Commuter Bag Lighter?

Velcro straps can attach the bag where you wish and riding with your money, phone, keys and lip balm up front means you'll always have what you need! There are four colour choices, too - maroon, forest green, rust and brown.

A detachable shoulder straps means this bag can become an over-the-shoulder piece when the bike is locked up and there are reflective straps for added visibility.

Cost: £18

Available from: Good Ordering


Nothing says 'I love you' like a heart shaped bicycle light!

This blinder from Knog has a cute, lovable design, but it's practical too - casting 20 lumens from the white front light, and 11 from the rear.

USB rechargable and with 5 modes, including steady, flash and energy saving mode, we reckon a set of these would look pretty lovely in a presentation box, too.

Cost: £22 each

Available from: Velovixen

best arm and leg warmers for cyclists giro merino

Arm warmers are a useful addition to every cyclists' wardrobe, and there are tons of options available - but we really loved this Merino pair from Giro. Mainly because we reckon mums deserve the bliss of lovely soft wool to keep them warm.

A Selection of the Best Arm and Leg Warmers

Stretchy, breathable wool and seamless design mean total comfort and no itching or chafing - what's not to love?

Price: £22.49 (RRP £22.99)

Available from: CycleStore

sporty pair

Before we begin, lets make one thing clear: 'sporty pair' refers to the two products, if purchased for Mother's Day, these should not be used by the other half of a cycling couple!

Too Much Cycling: Is It Possible?

These natural infusions from Great Elm Physick Garden are described as 'perfect for keen cyclists' - to pamper overworked and tired muscles - which mums have two fold, from riding and running around looking after the brood!

This set includes bath salts and massage oil - hands to apply the oil are not supplied, but hopefully the buyer can help out there!

Cost: £24.75

Available from: Not on the High Street

Veeka Levitan Leather Cycling Gloves

The first signs of spring have been pretty apparent over the last couple of days, and the good news is it's all up from here!

The first ride in fingerless mitts after a winter of slogging it in long figured thermal layers always feels amazing, and it will feel even more so in these genuine leather gloves.

The Cheapest Commuter Cycling Outfit

The palms of these gloves are well padded, with a cotton lining, and silicone details to add grip whilst a handy wrist tab makes them easy to pull off at the coffee stop.

Cost: £30

Available from: VeloVixen

vinqui peloton pendant

So much attention to detail has gone into this little rider - from the flat front wheel design that ensures it sits flat and is always racing forwards, to the 18k gold handlebars.

Want to know where you can buy me? Bicycle Jewelry

This 925 silver pendant comes with a black leather chord, and is one of a range of cycling themed gifts from Vinqui.

Cost: £33

Available from: Vinqui

Rosie the Riveter Women's Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey

Debate the sylishness of this jersey all you like - but when can mum EVER not do it? Never - that's why this will suit any mother.

Designed using the image of World War II women's icon, Rosie the Riveter, this breathable jersey (with 3 pockets and a full zip) represents the strength and fortitude of the female sex and we think it's awesome.

Of course, if it's not up mum's street, we've got nine more awesome cycling jerseys for you to peruse.

Cost: £46.95

Available from: Summit Different


We adore the sentiment behind this Angelcakes Designs print - and we think it's perfect for mums who live by a 'believe in yourself and you can do anything' mentality.

How to: Make your Cycling Clothing Waterproof Again

The £14 print can be mounted and framed by a British framing company who handmake their frames to order, and frames can be black, oak, white - making the overall package £50.

There are more options available, including some special Mother's day themed versions.


Cost: £50

Available from: Not on the High Street

ticktacktoe bike cushion

You can't go too far wrong with a snuggly cushion - and this one made from eco-friendly Irish linen fabric, hand sewn, and stuffed with 100% duck feathers to make it super soft.

Commuter Helmets: 10 of the Very Best

The design is available in six different colours, with hybrid and dutch bikes incorporated into the print, so you can pick the right style (or as close as!)

Cost: £50

Available from: Ticktacktoe

cyclodelic handlebar bag

Stylish and practical, this handlebar bag from Cyclodelic attaches to the handlebars of a bike but looks just as good when off it - and it is available in hot pink, too!

10 of the Best Dry Shampoos for a Commuter's Backpack

At 26cm wide, 15cm high and 14cm deep, Cyclodelic say you can fit you lunch, tools and a windbreaker in there easily, and there is even a leather tab on the front which you can attach a light to.

This little pack is tough too - it's waterproof, and abrasion proof, and it should fit most handlebar designs.

Cost: £69

Available from: Cyclodelic

Beg cycles picnic blanket

Following the success of the (£118) lambswool version, Beg Cycles produced this lovely British made, recycled wool rug.

The straps are designed to clip to a Brookes saddle (of course) - but can be thrown whimsically into a basket as you race out the door for a summers day picnic.

Healthy flapjack recipe for cyclists: quick, vegan and luxury options

There are various colours available - all that remains is to pick one!

Cost: £59

Available from: Beg Bicycles


No one wants to think of their beloved mum getting cold or wet out on a ride - and a cycling rain cape is a chic way to stay warm and dry.

We rounded up 10 of the best cycling rain capes here but these one stuck out as a super stylish option that's elegant and practical.

Waterproof, quick drying fabric forms the outer of this snuggly cape, whilst a Velcro strap secures it at the front to ensure no drips can infiltrate.

Cost: £69

Available from: WaterOffADucksBack.


Comprising of Rapha's Classic Women's Jersey, which comes with arm warmers, and the Classic Women's Shorts, this is a bundle for a classicly classy rider.

The jersey is designed to be versatile enough for year round riding, and the performance shorts have a top level Cytech pad.

8 of the Best Women's Cycling Gilets

This bundle should be a treat to wear - and every mum deserves a treat.

Cost: £120

Available from: Rapha

Trek Silque SL

Admittedly, not within every little sprogs price range.. but a mum can dream, right? And perhaps there's someone else in the family who can help chip in...

The Trek Silque is a women's specific bike designed to provide a super smooth ride. We tested one out recently - and we can assure any interested parties that it's well worth the price tag..

Cost: £2,200

Available from: Trek Bikes

So - there's 20 ideas to get you thinking. If you're still considering... there is always the option of jetting off on a women's only training camp with, or without, a daughter in toe!