bicycle wheel heart

... I know you are an inanimate object, but sometimes I like to think you can hear me. So I wanted to write you this love letter as a sign of my appreciation. It's Valentines Day, after all.

Woman riding bicycle with her legs in the air

Before I met you I walked around begrudgingly. I stared at the ground, paid too much money for the bus and came into close proximity with other people's bodily smells.

The 3,000km Bicycle Commute

Then I met you. You took me outside – even in the wind and rain – and showed me how wonderful going to work could be.


Before we met, I had no idea what a derailleur was. Now I have no problem fixing you and keeping you looking your best. Of course, I'd still love you if you were a rust-bucket. But I care too much to let that happen.

heart bike chain cog love

I'm healthier, physically and mentally. Together, we've made me more awesome, mainly in the thigh department. And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

How Cycling Helps in my Battle with Depression

i bloody love bike seat cover saddle pat not on the highstreet

... it's because I want to show you the level of my affection. Perhaps, yes, it's a little weird.

5 Breakfasts to Keep You Fuller Longer

But if I didn't do the saddle pat, I'd probably try and make out with you. .

Cycling in Madagascar

Whether it's another murky English beach, or the undulant landscapes of central Europe, you've given me experiences I never expected to have. Next up: South America, Africa, Asia... we'll have a romantic time, you and me.

Is Looking Like A Cycle Tourist Cool Now?

coupe kiss copy

In addition to bond we share, you've helped me form other friendships with cool people that ride bikes all the time.

Sex and Cycling: What you need to know

You've also enlightened me to just how hot cyclists are. Thank you, bicycle. You've done great things.

heart frame seatpost bike bicycle

... know that you are totally irreplaceable.

Unless they make you in carbon now.

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