This year women all over the world got involved with the Rapha Festive 500 challenge - the task being to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

The Rapha challenge doesn't promise huge rewards - just a roundel and a glowing sense of pride (plus perhaps a cold and slightly peeved off family members).

However, 'Lousy Roundel' have decided to create their own version. Sadly it's obviously only available for men to give their wives and girlfriends - or men in same sex relationships though they're still excluded in the product description.


The small brand explain:

Let’s face it, all year round, the wife/girlfriend/mother puts up with your endless hours spent on the steed. And now that you’ve decided to clock in even more time during the holiday season, things probably could use a little smoothing out.

You’ve earned your patch... or at least caught a cold trying to do so. Go ahead and show your gratitude to your loved one for tolerating your passion addiction.

This beautifully crafted, woven roundel measures 2.5" in diameter and will earn a once-in-a-lifetime look of shock when you surprise her by sewing it onto the side of her favorite designer handbag

The last line makes us desperately hope believe that this is a wind up merchant hoping for some pointless page views, and not someone who genuinely thinks women are happier shopping for handbags than kicking ass on the bike.

For the record, though, 4197 women signed up for the challenge - and most of them will no doubt be waiting for the real roundel's to arrive from Rapha HQ.

Want to tell Lousy Roundel they're lousy? Contact them here.